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  • Stress Less: Stop feeling like you are rushed, behind and barely keeping your head above water in your day to day life.  
  • Remember More: Stop forgetting important tasks, appointments and assignments.  Never forget another lunchbox, project, sport bag or backpack!
  • Feel In Control: No more being late.  No more "I don't know what to make for dinner".  No more trying to be everything to everyone.  No more rushing around the house last minute trying to find your kids soccer gear.  This course will help you get in the drivers seat of life and pursue the things most important to you!


Kim Anderson, author of the Thrifty Little Mom blog, knows how out of control life can feel when you have to manage time, stuff, people and food- 24/7.  Kim always struggled with focus and time management until the day she decided to stop fighting her brain wiring and work with it to ensure daily life success.  

Kim developed this workbook to help walk you step-by-step how to create a simple FOCUSED plan ​that will help you FINALLY organize your time, cleaning routine, meal preparations and even your stuff.

You're here for a reason...

If you are an overwhelmed woman who wants to know exactly what steps to take to get your day to day life managed, I'm here to help you make that happen.  The women who need this course & workbook fall into 3 categories:


In any given day, you are pulled in a hundred different directions while constantly being interrupted or distracted from what you are trying to accomplish.  You may feel that you are constantly busy but never accomplishing or finishing much.  

First and foremost that is why this course is only 5 days.  You don't have time for much more than that! The 5-Day Complete Life Management Course and Workbook is designed to help you take a step back to pinpoint and tackle only the tasks are most important to YOUR unique family life that make the greatest impact in your home.


Maybe every single day is a struggle to get out the door and arrive anywhere on time.  Worse you may find it hard to remember all the places you need to be, backpacks you need to fill and things you need to do on a regular bases.  

The  Course & Workbook will show you how to create a super simple system that doesn't allow you to be late, overcommit or forget important stuff ever again.


Life with a house to clean and meals to prep is already hectic.  But you are also a person who values quality time with your kids and family.  Finding time for them all can be hard and overwhelming leading to feelings of frustration or failure or cause you just to give up trying completely. 

This Course and Workbook serves to help you create a simple Life-Management Binder with super simple planning so that you know week to week what projects, activities and meals you plan intentionally and you know when you will make them happen.  You now make life happen rather than life happening to you.