Hot Fudge Single Serve Brownie Sundae

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Hot Fudge Single Serve Brownie Sundae. Bring a fancy restaurant dessert to your own party or home with these simple to make, single serve sundae's.

My husband and I came to conclusion in early spring that we never see our friends anymore.  Time flies by and we go months without seeing the people that really matter to us.  Our resolution to the problem was to set 3 specific Friday’s throughout the summer to host what we declared as Anderson Summer Shindigs.

We sent out a single invitation at the beginning of the summer letting people know they could drop by our house on any or all of those 3 dates to just eat, hang out and catch up.  That way we were making time for our friends and doing something outside the norm.  I love hosting parties and one of my favorite parts is preparing a dessert because we all know that’s what people save room for anyway.

This time I left the berries alone and went straight for the chocolate.  When I have parties I prefer to to make things single serve because to me it seems easier to eat and to clean up.  I came up with the Hot Fudge Single Serve Brownie Sundae’s because it encompasses everything I love about eating out a fancy restaurant.  I love those hot brownie desserts with cold ice cream.  I re-created my version in a single serve mason jar.  They are really rich, but were a big hit!

Here’s What You Need:

Chocolate Thunder Cups

  • Hot, fresh baked brownies ( I used the Immaculate Baking Mix brand of brownies)
  • High Quality Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Microwavable Hot Fudge Topping (I used Smucker’s brand found on the ice cream aisle).
  • Whipped topping

Step 1: Cut up the brownie into chunks.Fudge Brownie Single Serve Sundae


Step 2: Drop chunks down in your glass or jar.Fudge Brownie Single Serve Sundae Brownie Base


Step 3: Dollop a scoop or two of ice cream on top of the warm brownies.Fuge Brownie Single Serve Sunday Ice Cream Layer


Step 4: Spoon a little hot fudge over the creamy ice cream layer.Fudge Brownie Singe Serve Sundae Fudge Layer


Step 5: Inject some delightfully light whip cream inside the jar.Fudge Brownie Single Serve Sundae Whip Cream Layer


Step 6: Add one more layer of warm brownie chunks.

Fudge Brownie Single Serve Sundae Brownie Layer


Step 7: Add another layer of ice cream followed by another dancing layer of fudge.

Fudge Brownie Single Serve Sundae Ice Cream & Fudge Layer


Step 8: Top the jar off with a carefully crafted mound of whip cream and you’re ready to serve your hot fudge single serve brownie sundae!

Fudge Brownie Single Serve Sundae Ready to Eat
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Hot Fudnge Single Serve Brownie Sundae!

Kim Anderson

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