The Annual Pumpkin Patch Craft Project

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The Annual Pumpkin Patch Craft Project. Start an annual tradition with your kids this fall that will create lots of great decor and memories!Now that my baby is a walking, talking, independent toddler, I’m starting to dream about annual traditions.  One tradition I cherish is the annual Christmas ornament.  I have one from every year of my childhood.  Now when I trim my own tree as an adult I still add ornaments that I added to my family Christmas tree when I was growing up.  Every Christmas my son makes one.

The other day while I was lost in Hobby Lobby dreaming… I found adorable palm sized ceramic pumpkins.  When I saw them all bunched together on the shelf it reminded me of a pumpkin patch.  In that moment, starting the annual pumpkin patch craft project came to mind.

I decided that year by year I could build a small, decorative pumpkin patch consisting of annual painted pumpkins created by my children.  It would make adorable, meaningful decor for my home that grows year by year.  They can be different sizes and materials year to year but they would be unique and something to cherish.  I can’t wait to unwrap them and set them out each fall!

The Annual Pumpkin Patch Supplies

Here’s What We Used:

  • Small Ceramic Pumpkin from Hobby Lobby ($2.99 on sale)
  • Orange, Black, Brown & Green Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Activity tray for holding wet paint

Step 1: Get your child situated at a table covered with newspaper to avoid paint spots on your table.  Cover your child with an art smock or old t-shirt of some kind.

The Annual Pumpkin Patch Project Paint Brush

Step 2: Allow your child to paint the pumpkin however they want using whatever colors they want.  (I had to make my perfectionist mom side sit down and watch without judgement as my 3-year-old painted “his” way.)

The Annual Pumpkin Patch Project Painting

The Annual Pumpkin Patch Complete

Step 3: Allow the craft to dry.

The Annual Pumpkin Patch Project Finish

Step 4: Put the pumpkin(s) out on display.  Each fall have your child make another fun pumpkin for the patch so it grows year by year.  

There are many cute ways these could be decorated.  They could be jack-o-lantern style with a face or just a simple pumpkin painted with your child’s name and year on it.  You could even do a hand print on the side each year and watch them grow.  I do my best to enjoy these moments and sweet traditions with my son while he’s willing to do them.