Digital Scrapbooking: A Uncluttered Way to Craft

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Digital Scrapbooking

A few years ago a good friend of mine sent me some info about digital scrapbooking.  I had tried to replicate this using some publishing software that my husband had that was not user friendly.

Now that I have a little better software I use two methods of digital scrapbooking.  One is using my own publishing software that has lots of nice frames and details.  When I finish all my pages, I simply send them to a place like Costco or Walmart to have them printed out and I slide them in my own scrapbook with protective pages.

The second way I do digital scrapbooking is through online services like Shutterfly.   If you don’t have access to great publishing software, Shutterfly is a way to digitally design scrapbooks using your digital pictures online. At first I thought that $20-$25 was a little expensive. But then I started tabulating how much money I was spending on paper, stickers, do-dads, pens and the actual scrapbooks at the store. With or without a craft store coupon, the cost was about the same.


  • On the other hand, I regularly get free offers from Shutterfly.
  • For example, at Target, the registers print out bonus coupons with receipts and I have gotten probably 5 free 8X8 scrapbook deals (as seen in picture above).
  • You can also find free digital prints, free invitation and photo card offers. I have gotten free mugs, magnets and even mouse pads.
  •  Look for these deals in mom magazines, Target, Shutterfly emails & Pampers “Enjoy the Ride” emails.
  • I have also picked up “Shutterfly” pre-paid project cards at Target and gotten like $5 off because the prepaid cards were on sale from $29.99, down to $24.99 + free shipping (as seen in picture above).

The Benefits of Digital Scrapbooks:

Now, lets get real. If your like me, and you are seriously crafty it can take you up to 2 hours to make only 2 pages by hand. Then by the time I get that sucker going, it’s bed time and I hate to leave a mess so then I’ve got to pack up all my scrapbook stuff. Honestly, I really hate pulling it all out again.

  • The benefits of doing digital scrapbooks is that you can leave a mess.
  • When you are done working with your project, you just save it and come back later.
  • I’ve been slowly working on my wedding scrapbook for 2 years now. Okay, so I should hurry up since I got married 8 years ago, but that’s the best part of digital scrapbooking. Every time I get a few moments to work on it, I just hop online and add a page or two.

Busy Moms

I understand that if you are reading this as a true scrapbooker, that this whole post is probably blasphemous.  The fact is, I’m a new-ish mom and I need all the help I can get.

  • Do Something with your memories: If your a busy woman like me, these kind of publishing programs & websites make it easy to take those great pictures out of your miles of computer files and actually do something with them.
  • Impress the Grandmas: Imagine grabbing the best pictures of your kids first year and quickly putting them in a cute book and sending them off to the grandma’s as gifts for Christmas or Mothers Day.  You don’t have to hand create 3 identical books!  You make one fantastic digital version and you order three!
  • For the crafty impaired: In fact, if there isn’t a crafty or creative bone in your body, these sites will literally load the pictures on the pages for you with a design and all.
  • When they are professionally printed and bound you look like mom of the year!
  • All the features of Regular Scrapbooks:They allow you to add words, designs, “stickers”, frames & all kinds of nice design elements if you want.  They may not be 3-D but you can be sure they won’t fade, fall out or discolor over time.

So as a mom, I find that this is a much better way for me to get creative with my pictures.  I can get my memories out of my computer and onto my coffee table (placed nicely somewhere between the etch a sketch and the Little People Airport).

Online Scrapbooking Sites:




These are the only sites I am familiar with.  If you have any online scrapbooking sites you have used and have enjoyed please share them in the comments section.

Kim Anderson