Semi-Annual Sales: Save Big On Stuff You Love

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Save Big at Semi-Annual Sales

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m pretty cheap.  But the problem is, I do like nice things.  For example, I like to have Vera Bradley bags.  But I’ll never pay full price for one.  I’m gonna have a coupon code!

Other “nice” things I like are items from Bath and Body Works.  (So is it just me, or does anybody else always swap their name for Bed, Bath & Beyond when your not thinking?)  At Bath- And- Body- Works I have a few favorite things.  I’m not much of a body wash or lotion person because I just straight up forget to use them. I am however, a huge fan of their household products.

Wallflower Double Packs for $6
Wallflower Bulb & Plug In

I love love love “Wallflowers.”  “Wallflowers” are B&BW scented wall plug-ins.  I have a unique scent assigned to each room of my house.  Kitchen- “Kitchen Spice”,  Bedroom- “Twilight Woods or Moonlight Path”, Bathroom- “Clean Linen”.  Oh and I annually buy the one that smells like a real Christmas tree and plug it in by my fake tree (that I bought for 90% off at Target 7 years ago).  I enjoy most of the Holiday scents as I feel they make Christmas a little more nostalgic.  Filling my house with the smell of gingerbread and never having to bake a calorie filled cookie is a win win in my book.

Foaming Hand Soap “Ocean Pearl” Scent

The other items I love are the hand soaps.  I prefer the foaming ones because the others just make a gooey mess on my counter top.  I look forward to washing my hands with these.  They have many husband friendly scents.  You know, “non-fruity, girly, smelly ones”, as my husband puts it.  My rule of thumb is, if I’d wear it as a body spray, I don’t buy that scent in hand soaps.

So, since I like “nice” things but don’t want to pay the full price tag I wait for 2 sales each year to stock up known as the “Semi-Annual” sale.  B&BW sends out the sale “bat signal” by plastering a yellow rubber duck on everything.  When I see the duck, it’s like the bell with Pavlov’s dog; my sale drool starts up and get really excited!  Usually these sales happen in January and June for most stores including Bath and Body Works.

I always ask for a $25 gift cards to this store for Christmas and about 2 weeks after Christmas, the sale starts.  I stock up on my favorite items. The Wallflower oil in the bulbs last about 8 weeks each so I get enough to last 6 months for each room.  These scented bulbs cost around $3 each during the sale.  The hand soaps also cost around $3.  I buy 3 for each sink in my house to get me through until the next sale.  In 2013 they sent out a $10 off a $40 purchase coupon via email during the sale.  That means I got 3 items free!

My B&BW Bag of Goodies

The truth is, most retail “mall” type stores do this semi-annual sale concept.  Stores I’ve shopped include Aeropostle, Express, New York & Co., Aerie, & Victoria Secret.  If there is an item you like at full price, if you can wait until the semi annual sale, you could pay up 75% less for it.  When I was an out of the home working woman, I used to get all my snazzy work clothes each January at the New York & Co January sale for ridiculously low prices.  If your curious about your favorite store, ask a store manager if they have a annual or semi-annual sale and what months of the year they start.  Please share any sales you know about or can’t wait for with us.

Kim Anderson