Target’s Cartwheel: Stack Up Your Savings

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Target Cartwheel Review

Target has blown my mind again.  I thought the 5% discount every visit with the Target Red Card or Target Debit Card was great!  But last week as my favorite Target Starbucks barista made my oh so delicious iced soy caramel macchiato we chatted as we always do.  I mentioned saving some extra money that day with some coupons I had printed from the Target website.  She then asked me a life changing question.  Had  I started using Target Cartwheel yet?  I had not!  And now that I have, I realize I can save even more money on my everyday items.

Coupon & Discount Stacking!

  • These coupons can be used with:Target store coupons, manufacturer coupons like ones from (this is my Brandcaster affiliate link), your 5% red card and even your 5% pharmacy rewards.
  • Plus, it’s not usually limited to 1 of each item.  Many of my coupons say limit 4 or 12.
  • According the website you can use the Cartwheel bar-code up to 6 times in a day (You know, if your one of those serious super couponer types).
  • I can save an extra percentage (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 50%) on things I actually already buy.
  • Secret Text Coupons- If you look through Target’s weekly ad you can find special areas of the ad that highlight textable savings.  You simply text the code to the number shown and you can get some really amazing deals. Last week I got $20 off a $50 purchase on household goods.  This week is $15 off $40 in Up & Up brand products!  Those can be used on top of all your other Target discounts!
  • Reusable Bags Discount- Don’t forget to bring your own shopping bags.  Those are worth 5 cents off each!  Just remind your cashier about it if you don’t see them scan the little barcode on the register for each of the bags they used.

Everyday Items-

My latest Cartwheel contains Milk (5%), apples (5%), strawberries (5%), oranges (5%), Up & Up diapers (5%), diaper rash cream (20%), baby food pouches (5%) and Method cleaning items(5%).   This is great because I feel like these coupons aren’t going to cause me to buy items that I don’t need.  Many of the coupons are for everyday kind of items!

Cartwheel Examples

After trying it out, this is how it seems to work:

  • It’s an app and a website.
    • So you can download the app on your smartphone from the iPhone App Store or from Google Play.
    • Or just go to the website.
  • You login through facebook.  The link is on the Cartwheel page.
  • You can now also sign up with your email.
  • This sight is “searchable” so I just go item by item on my shopping list and type them into the search bar (Ex. eggs, milk, beef- generic terms).
  • You could also “browse” by looking through “collections” of coupons kept in categories like “Baby Essentials”, “Healthy Lifestyles” & “Daily Ad Double Dip” just to name a few.
  • Browse coupons.
  • Click them- which in turn, flips them.
  • You can then add, share, or get more details.
    • If you add, it goes into your cartwheel.
      • You get around 10 coupon slots in your cartwheel to start.
    • If you share, it shares the coupon on Facebook.
      • As you share, you earn badges and unlock more coupon slots.
      • More coupon slots = more coupons.
    • If you get more details, it tells you expiration dates and exclusions.
  • Once you have searched and added your coupons to your cartwheel you can then access a bar-code that the store can scan from a printed paper or a smartphone screen.
  • Check it out at or in your smartphone app store!
  • For more details on how everything works and how many times a day you can use your coupons check the website’s help center.
I hope this post gets you Target moms excited about an extra way to save money on top of all your other coupons.  You don’t have to be a super couponer to save money.  You just have to be smart about using what you have and need!  Please share any other ways you save a Target or your favorite stores.