Turn Left Over Gift Wrap Into a Learning Activity

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Guest blogger Rhonda writes:

Left OVer Gift Wrap Game Picture

It’s time to start putting your Christmas decorations away. While I love to store and reuse gift bags, tissue and ribbon (you know I’m thrifty right), I have a few ‘stick on’ bows left over from my teenagers’ Christmas party (btw they used them as decorations on the counter tops and table-so cute!). Since they don’t store well and I don’t want to reuse a smashed bow next year, I came up with this re-purposing craft for my toddler (yes, I have one in college, one in high school and one in diapers)!

How To Make The Game:
  • Print out the words of the colors of the left over bows.
  • Here’s one that you can print for free.  Click here to view.

Christmas Bow Color Match Game Printable Preview

  • Glue onto cardboard if you have it available just to make it a little sturdier.
  • You can leave it all on one page or you can cut the words out.
  • Play & learn.

Color Matching Game Play

  • You can either remove the adhesive cover and stick the bow next to the word to teach the color or you can keep the bows free to play a ‘matching’ game.
  • Store the game in a zip closure bag or a left-over gift bag when done playing.
  • Check back in soon so you can see what to do with family photo Christmas cards that you can’t seem part with…
Matched Color Bows