Make A Mother’s Day Handprint Frame

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Make a handprint frame

One of my favorite craft stores is Hobby Lobby.  They always have great sales and if the item you want isn’t on sale they always have a 40% off coupon online.  I wanted to make Mother’s Day gifts for the grandma’s from my son.  I needed a simple gift that I knew they would love & cherish. When I came across tan craft frames at Hobby Lobby with plenty of space for creativity I started imagining what I could do.  With the frame in hand I decided I would stamp out a sweet phrase, add my son’s hand print and slide in a sweet picture of my kid.  Her’s how you can make a Mother’s Day handprint frame for less than $10 each.

The beauty of making these frames with stamps is that you can personalize the frame with the nickname your grandparent uses.  No one makes “Maw Maw” or “Grammy” themed frames that I can find at mega super stuff mart.  Now I can make it personal!

Frame Supplies

What You Need:

  • Craft Frame ($2.50)
  • Adorable picture of family, child or child with mom/grandparent
  • Letter Stamps ($3 @ Target or use a coupon at the craft store).
  • Ink Pad ($3)
  • Any special objects or accessories to attach to frame (I used old fashioned keys).

Frame Step 1

Step 2 Frame

Frame Key AccessoriesFrame Accessory

Step 4 Frame Complete

That is how you make a mother’s day handprint frame personalized for a special mom or grandmother in your life!

Kim Anderson