DIY Cracker Stacks for Your Lunch Pack

DIY Cracker Stacks for Your Lunch PackDo you have a picky eater around your house?  Does your kid love cracker packs from the store but they are just too expensive?

I was recently in a conversation with another mom at birthday party about how weird my son is now about food.  He won’t eat noodles, he won’t eat veggies, he won’t eat sandwiches and so I’ve been going a little crazy at lunch trying to find something he might eat that has some healthy redeeming qualities. That’s when my best friend chimed in and asked if I had tried crackers instead of bread.  The idea for DIY cracker stacks for your lunch pack came when I was trying to replicate those store-bought varieties and I realized all I needed was a round cutter!

Healthier Options

I’m just not going to drop $2+ for the pre-made ones at the store.  When I make them from home I can choose whole wheat crackers or even gluten free crackers, low fat sandwich meats and cheese made from cows not treated rBST.  I do my best to go with more natural or organic products when I can.  If you’ve been looking for a less expensive alternative to the store bought snack packs, try making it yourself and see if your kids notice.

Cracker Stacks for Your Lunch Pack SuppliesSupplies:

Cracker Stacks for Your Lunch Pack Cutter

Step 1: Lay out your crackers.

Cracker Stacks for Your Lunch Pack Crackers

Step 2: Using your round cutter, press firmly into your cheese slice and twist it back and forth until you’ve created the circle cheese cut-outs.Cracker Stacks For Your Lunck Pack Cheese

Step 3: Remove the extra cheese and eat it or place it in resealable baggie to be used for a meal or recipe later.Cracker Stacks For Your Lunch Pack Cheese CirclesCracker Stacks for Your Lunck Pack Cheese Circles Cut outStep 4: Put your cheese circles on the crackers.

Cracker Stacks for Your Lunck Pack Cheese & CrackersStep 5: Cut the deli meat into small circles with your cutter by firmly pressing and twisting back and forth.


Cracker Stacks For Your Lunch Pack HamStep 6: Put the deli meat on your crackers.

Cracker Stacks For Your Lunck Pack FinishCracker Stacks For Your Lunch Pack YumCracker Stacks for Your Lunch Pack Big Stack

You can always get some small bento style boxes from dollar stores and load them just like you would find them at the store and save yourself some money!  My son loves these little crackers “sandwiches” and I’m super happy to have friends who help me work through my mom challenges one day at time.  I hope this idea will help you save some cash in the future.

Cracker Stacks For Your Lunch Pack. Make these fun little lunch additions at home for a fraction of the cost of the ones in the packages. Made with more whole ingredients.


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    1. If you eat them as soon as you make them. Just like with the store packs, you’ll want to keep the parts separate in a lunch box or bag until it’s time to eat them because the crackers will absorb moisture from the meat and possibly the cheese. Good question!

  1. You mentioned saving the cheese scraps for future recipes. Like what?

  2. Great idea, Kim! My little one doesn’t like bread either so sometimes I just skip the carbs and stack rolled up deli meat, cheese & half of a grape tomato on a toothpick. I then cut off the pointy tips with scissors and voila. She loves her lunch kabobs! I’ve served them to two of her more picky friends too and they ate them right away.

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