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4 Awesome Teen Easter Basket Ideas

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Keeping family traditions alive can be harder and harder as kids get older.  Between their likes and dislikes changing, it can be a challenge to find items your teen will actually be excited about in their Easter basket!  

Has your teenager requested “no more candy” in his/her Easter basket? Do you and the Easter Bunny need a few ideas? Great! You’re in the right place!  You can keep your family traditions alive this by creating one of these 4 Awesome Teen Easter Basket Ideas!

To make these baskets as easy as possible to re-create yourself, I’ve included Amazon.com links to items that are the same or very similar to one’s you’ll find in each basket!

Teen Easter Basket Ideas- The Spa Basket

This year Easter falls right after midterms for my teenager so a Relaxation Basket is in order for her. With contents like a candle, aromatherapy shower gel & lotion, herbal tea plus a beautiful new demitasse cup & saucer, this basket is sure to please!

Spa Easter Basket Supplies:

Teen Easter Basket Ideas For the Artistic

As parents we always want to praise and encourage our teenager’s talents so what better way than with new art supplies! These new zentangle coloring books are very popular right now and a quick search on Amazon will give you several categories to choose from. Couple that with new colored pencils & a sharpener or new water colors and paintbrushes and you will have one happy and busy teenager on Easter Sunday.

Art Loving Easter Basket Supplies:

Teen Easter Basket Ideas- Girls

Easter is synonymous with Spring and Spring with new sandals in our house! What a lovely find on Easter morning to wake up to a new nail polish, sandals & a scarf left by the Easter bunny!

Fashionista Easter Basket Supplies:

Teen Easter Basket Ideas- Fill An Egg

Here are a ‘few of their favorite things’! These oversized eggs can be filled with your teen’s favorite sports team memorabilia, a concert t-shirt along with an iTunes gift card or a new book and a Starbucks or Kindle gift card.

Sports Fan Easter Egg Supplies:

Hope you found this post helpful as you create Easter Baskets for your teens and tweens.

4 Easy Teen Easter Basket Ideas