Hershey Kiss Valentine Roses Tutorial

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Hershey Kiss Rose Tutorial for your own sweet surprise

I used to make these roses all the time as a kid for my school Valentine’s Day swap.  In fact I made them all the way through High School to give away to all my friends and teachers.  I was born with a crafty gene or something.  I just can’t help it.

These are great for teachers and friends, but if a guy wants to score BIG points this Valentines Day, show up with this handmade bouquet of Hershey kiss flowers and you are going to have one impressed lady in your life! (Be sure you make them and not your mom or sister…that doesn’t count).

These are really easy to make.  You can give away a single rose or a whole bouquet, it just depends on you, who they are for and how much time you want to invest!


Rose Supplies

  • Floral Stem Wire Sticks (Craft Store floral dept.)
  • 1 Roll of Green Floral Tape (Craft Store floral dept.)
  • Clear Red or Pink Cellophane wrap ( you can get it in rolls but I got these Valentine red cellophane goody bags at target and used those because they were only $1 for the pack).
  • Hershey Kisses
  • Scotch tape and or sticky dots
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters
  • 1 Floral stem with green leaves (I got mine from the Christmas Clearance section at 80% off at my local craft store).

Candy Rose Step 1

Candy Rose Step 2

Candy Rose Step 3


Candy Rose Step 4

Candy Rose Step 5

Candy Rose Step 6

Candy Rose Step 7

Candy Rose Step 8

Candy Rose Step 9

Candy Rose Step 10Candy Rose Step 11

Candy Rose Step 12

Candy Rose Step 13

Candy Rose Step 14

 If you decide to make a bouquet, rubber band the rose stems together and then wrap them in tissue paper for a super nice effect.

Candy Rose Bouquet Final

Hershey Kiss Rose Tutorial



Kim Anderson