Saving Money On Your Animal Vet Bill

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Save On Pet Bill

Having a family pet is wonderful and even therapeutic but it can get expensive.  Especially for owners with multiple pets in the home.  When I first adopted my 2 year old beagle from the humane society, I lucked out in that they were planning a reduced cost rabies clinic 2 weeks later.  The cost of a rabies shot at the clinic was only $8 and they made it really easy.

Drive Through Shot Service

In order to get my Beagle’s shot done, I drove to one of the local schools in my area following a set date and time schedule outlined on a flyer.  When I got there, my animal and I stayed in the car and waited in a line of vehicles.  We were handed a short form to complete as we waited our turn.  When we finally drove up to the professional giving the shots I simply comforted my puppy, stuck her little bottom close to the window, held her tight and they gave her a quick shot in the backside.  When it was over my dog went back to her spot in the car and they handed me my rabies tag to attach to her collar.  It was super fast, super simple, super thrifty and really convenient.

Finding Shot Clinics in Your Area

  • Google “reduced cost rabies clinic” + your area to see if any non-profit groups or your local humane society is hosting a clinic anytime soon.  They do it in April where I live.
  • If you can’t find any information this way, call up your local humane society and ask if they know of any reduced cost clinics for animal exams/meds.
  • Reduced Cost Vet Clinics- I always thought I had to go to a vet clinic to get my animal all her shots but found a dog “wellness” clinic in my area run by a vet that charges considerably less because they are simply providing “basic” dog care.  They provide things like annual exams and test that don’t require expensive equipment or specialized staff.  They don’t do surgeries or injuries.  They charge considerably less than my vet and I will go there from now on for my dogs basic annual needs or flea/tick prevention.

Saving On Medications

  • Online- 1-800-Pet Meds is a great website to order reduced cost medications for your pets.
  • Vet Office Price Match/Beat- My vet likes to sell flea and tick products so I have often gone in and said that I was going to buy the meds online unless they could beat the price.  Even if they say they can only match the price, you won’t have to pay shipping so it works out.
  • Mail in Rebates- If you find that your animals meds have a mail in rebate offer, just do it.  It is usually worth about $10 and your check will come in the mail in about a month or two.

I hope that you are able to find some local organizations in your area that offer reduced cost animal vaccinations and care.  Please let me know of any other programs or services you have used to save money on pet meds and services in the comments section below.
Kim Anderson