Easy Raised Garden Bed Instructions

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Easy Raised Garden Bed Instructions Cover

Ah!  Winter is finally over and it’s time to start prepping for a summer garden!  Last year we had about 5 trees removed from our yard so we could have a garden that got some sunlight.  My husband decided to build a raised garden bed and give growing our own veggies a try.  This year we added 3 more beds and are excited to see what happens.  I’ve put together easy raised garden bed instructions for you in case you wanted to give raised beds a try for yourself.

Basic Raised Garden Bed Supplies

Supplies Needed for 1 Raised Garden Bed:

  • 2- 12ft Pieces of HardiePlank Siding Board (Cut out two 8ft & two 4ft boards) per bed.  Purchased from Home Depot.
  • Note: If you plan to make more than one bed and you plan for them to be side by side you can use some boards to create the walls of more than one bed as you can see we did in some of our pictures.
  • 12-14 Ground Stakes (2 ft tall or 24 inches) Purchased from Home Depot.
  • Small Sledge Hammer
  • Rake
  • Level (optional)
  • Our Dirt- 1.75 truck loads of 2:1 ratio top soil (2) & mushroom compost (1) from farm/animal supply store. (This was cheaper than buying bags from the Home Improvement Store).
  • Wheelbarrow

Raised Bed Dirt Flattening

Leveling Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed Stakes

Leveling Raised Garden Bed Stakes

Adding Stakes next to Raised Garden Bed

Adding Final Raised Garden Bed Stake

End of Raised Garden BedMeasure for Raised Garden Beds

4ft Raised Garden Bed Stakes

Opposite 4 ft Raised Garden Bed Stakes

2nd 8ft Board Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed Dirt

Creating side by side raised garden beds: As you can see in the picture below, we used the end and side of two other beds to create the 8ft & 4ft wall of the bottom garden bed.  That saves time, $ and resources.

Fill Raised Garden Beds with Dirt

 Updated Picture Below: June 30th

DIY Rasied Bed Garden Update


Raised Garden Bed Dirt BoxI hope these easy raised garden bed instructions have offered you a little thrifty, creative inspiration for making your own.  Please feel free to leave any questions or ideas for you have used for your own raised garden beds in the comments below!

UPDATES!  Reader Kathy asked to see updated pictures of how the garden beds are doing so here they are!  

DIY Raised Garden Bed Before & After 1 &2

DIY Raised Garden Bed Before & After 3

What We Learned: We actually had to transplant several the zucchini plants because they get HUGE!!!  Even though we followed the recommended spacing for all the plants we put in the soil we feel that we could have given everything a little more space.  Next year we will spread them out a bit more and probably add another bed.

DIY Raised Garden Beds Zucchini

 Kim Anderson