DIY Decorative Plastic Bag Storage Dispenser

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DIY Decorative Plastic Bag Dispenser

I got the idea for this project while walking around my local thrift store.  As I strolled down the home goods aisle and I glanced over at a decorative tissue box cover I thought it strange that I couldn’t think of a place I’d seen tissues decoratively hidden in a while.  I pondered what else you could use one of those things for when it occurred to me that I don’t have a convenient or nice looking dispenser in my kitchen for plastic grocery bags.  Then it all came together! Check out how to make one of these thrift store decorative tissue boxes into a DIY decorative plastic bag storage dispenser!


  • Old Decorative Tissue Box Cover
  • Sand Paper
  • Spray Paint that coordinates with your home. ( I chose brushed bronze).
  • Paint Tarp
  • Note: If your tissue box already matches your kitchen decor and is in decent shape skip the supplies and just start shoving your plastic bags down in it :).

Step 1 Plastic Bag Dispenser Project

Step 2 Plastic Bag Dispenser Project

Step 3 Plastic Bag Dispenser Project

Step 4 Plastic Bag Dispenser Project

These kinds of containers are usually easy to find at local thrift store and garage sales.  You could also consider painting it in chalkboard paint and writing “Bags” on the side.  Use your creativity to create a perfect match for your house that makes the bags easy to grab when you need one.

Please feel free to share any plastic bag storage ideas you have in the comments section below!  If you have luck making your own DIY decorative plastic bag storage dispenser please let us know!

Kim Anderson