Creating Your Own Signature Fashion Pieces

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Creating Your Own Signature Fashion Pieces

This post brought to you by Goodwill of North Georgia. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Thrifty Little Mom.

Thursday night I attended my first fashion show and I have to admit that this one was right up my ally.  All the pieces in the show were purchased at Goodwill of North Georgia store and then refashioned by up and coming designers into something trendy and new with a rock star theme. And because going to a fashion show just wouldn’t be the same without your bestie, I brought along my best friend Rhonda who loves shopping at Goodwill stores about as much as I do!  

The evening was full of great treats, cool clothes and really creative people.  It was fun to watch a live competition similar to the show Project Runway.  As a crafty and thrifty person, it really inspired me to start thinking outside the box about the clothing that I find at my Goodwill store.  Here are 3 ways you can design your own wardrobe on a dime that I picked up at the fashion show last night.

IMG_20151015_192004 (1)

1. Go beyond the clothing racks.

I know it might sound crazy but one of my favorite designs of the evening was actually made from throw pillow fabric!  I got to talk with Sir Algernon after the show about his design.  This was his second year participating in Re2urrection.  He shared that when he walked into his Goodwill of North Georgia store he saw the pillows and decided those would be the core of his design pieces.  Below is a picture of the pillows he used as well as the dress on the designer rack.

Pillows for dress design
Pillows chosen by Sir Algernon
Leather Dress Made from Goodwill Pillows
Dress designed and created by Sir Algernon.

2. Consider Creating Your Own Accessories With Up-cycled Materials-

Some of the events attire creations reminded of the scene from The Sound of Music when Maria makes the children play clothing out of the drapes.  If you find a pattern in something else you like, why not create something new out of it?  It’s a fun challenge!  A great example of this was the handbags they had created for auction.  The bag that caught my eye was the one that had a chunky carpet bag feel to it!  The colors were neutral with a little bit of aqua pop!  I could totally see myself carrying this bag.  Next time I head to my Goodwill I’m going to look for supplies for a project like this in the fabric & linen department.

Re2urrection Purse

3. Build Your Own Style-

One of the unique aspects of the show last night was seeing what the people in the audience were wearing.  Many of them had gone shopping at Goodwill and created their own attire for the event.  They each looked comfortable and stylish in whatever clothing ensemble they had created.  Each one was unique, but each person wore their own style very well no matter their shape or size.  I think that is key when you decide to build your own wardrobe.

If you know what you like, seek that out and you can’t go wrong.  Often times I will take pictures of Polyvore outfits that I love along with me for inspiration.  Then when I’m shopping I can find pieces that closely resemble the style that I know I like and walk out of the store feeling amazing and excited about wearing my new items.

In my case, I wore the black dress, owl necklace and carried a red clutch I had picked out at the Goodwill store and felt great in what I wore!

Price Breakdown of Goodwill Outfit 2

My Goodwill Owl Necklace

Goodwill of North Georgia Picture

Re2urrection was a fun evening with friends but more importantly it was an event with a purpose!  The Goodwill representatives reminded us they are celebrating their 90th birthday of putting people to work in North Georgia!  They let us know that their goal for the next year was to help 20,000 people in North Georgia find jobs!  As you build your own unique wardrobe or create new pieces of your own, just remember that each time you shop at Goodwill you are helping to give thousands of people jobs.  That’s shopping and giving that you can feel really good about!

This was one of my favorite pieces of the night that were auctioned off after the show to raise funds for Goodwill of North Georgia!

Re2urrection dress
Designed & Created by Latricia Brown

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