Organizing To Help Your Preschooler Be Independent

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Organization That helps Preschoolers be More independent

My 4 year old son is getting older which means he’s also becoming more independent.  He can do more things for himself and often finds pride in his small accomplishments.  I was recently discussing this phenomenon with Rhonda and she indicated she has some ways that she organized her 3 year-old’s room to help her be more independent.  Beyond just helping grow her daughter’s independence, making this organization part of your weekly ritual can keep you from going on a sock, shoe or pant hunt when you are trying to quickly get out the door.  In this post Rhonda offers some simple tips for organizing to help your preschooler be independent.  I hope some of the ideas help you create spaces in your child’s room that reduce stress and help your child’s development!  Please be sure to leave your own techniques for helping your preschooler be more independent in the comments section at the end of the post!

Tip 1- During the weekend, when there’s more time, pick out 5 outfits together with your child to choose from each day during the week. If there are two pieces, connect the hangers with a hair band.

Keeping Preschooler Clothes together


Tip 2- Get a rod extender and hang these 5 outfits all together on the lower rod in the closet for easy access.

Preschooler Closet Organization Ideas

Tip 3- In a lower dresser drawer place all weather appropriate undergarments sectioned for easy decision making. Example; undershirts, underwear, socks.

Preschooler Drawer Organization

Tip 4- Place a bin by your child’s bedroom door to place all shoes in that way they are easily accessed and returned.

Preschooler Shoe Organization

Tip 5- In the bathroom place a basket in a lower drawer or linen closet that contains everything your child needs to finish getting dressed by themselves. Example; toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush or comb.

Preschooler Bathroom Organization


Tip 6- Allow your children to do as much as possible by themselves and then of course you add the finishing touches!

Organized Preschooler


Rhonda John

Thanks to Rhonda John for creating this helpful post!


Orgaization that helps preschoolers be independent

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  1. Love these tips! I have a 4 year old son and 2.5 year old daughter; basically every one of these could be implemented easily (some already are).

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