Budgeting for the Math Hater- TLM Podcast Episode 013

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TLM Episode 013 Budgeting for the math hater

As the New Year begins you may be thinking about the various areas of your life that you’d like to get more organized in.  One of those areas may be money.  And maybe, like me, the thought of doing a budget makes you cringe because it feels overwhelming to start and time consuming to keep up.  In today’s podcast Kim and Rhonda discuss a simple strategy for getting your money organized and the side effect of freedom that comes from holding down a simple budget.

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Here are my free printable budget worksheets.  This worksheet is if you get paid 2 times per month, this worksheet is if you get paid weekly.

If you want to dive into budgeting check out my series Budgeting 101, Budgeting 102 & Budgeting 103.

If you want the quick start version check out my post The Quick Start Guide to The Cash Envelope System that includes a 5 minute step by step Youtube video.


Budget Worksheet Sample

Thanks for taking the time to listen to this week’s podcast!  We hope these tools and tips help you design a budget that fits seamlessly into your life each month!


Budgeting for the Math Hater