College Care Packs For Exam Season

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Do you have any college students in your life? Whether they are your own children, their best friends from childhood, nieces, nephews, etc. they sure could use some encouragement. Especially around exam time!

Many college students are hours away from the comforts of home during their college years and often miss some of the little things like you getting their favorite candy bar for them while at the grocery store. Small gestures mean a lot to stressed out students so send some loving, thoughtful gifts to the college student of your choosing today.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Mailing care packages in envelopes is the thriftiest way to send them just keep in mind that the weight & size of the envelope determines the cost of mailing. Typically a 6×9 envelope packed with light weight goodies costs around $3.


  • When selecting snacks, try to pick items that they might not be able to get easily and will withstand vigorous handling of the package-nothing perishable.

College Care Pack

  • If you send many care packages often, type & print mailing address labels so you have them available when you need them and they are easy to read & accurate. Some college dorm/box addresses are lengthy!

Schick College Care Package Mail

  • Add an encouraging note to let them know you are thinking about them and you support their endeavors and hard work.
  • Text the recipient to let them know a care package is on its way. Surprising them is great unless you find out weeks later that they either never checked their mailbox or didn’t get it at all! Send a quick text letting them know they should receive something from you soon and be sure to ask them to text you when they get it. Even though they may be very grateful, they are kids and may forget to thank you so if you ask them to text you right away you will more likely be thanked properly.

We hope these ideas help to cheer up the college student in your life. Let us know about your favorite goodie to send/receive through the mail; we’d love to hear your ideas in the comment section below.

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