How to Customize Your Own Mouse Ear Headbands

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I remember my very first trip to Disney at 5 years old.  My dad asked me a simple question, “Do you want to get to the castle by train or by boat?”  I chose the boat.  And as we sailed across that open lake on the fairy boat my heart was full of wonder, excitement and anticipation at the new world I was about to step into.

If you’re about to take your little ones (or even your tweens or teens) on an adventure to the most magical place on earth consider doing a little family craft before you leave!  Last year my bestie Rhonda came back from one her family’s magical adventures with pictures of her whole crew from potty training to college age wearing these adorable personalized Mickey Mouse ears all themed out according to their personal favorites.

So whether you are about to go hopping from park to park or just need a cute themed head band of a school party, check out Rhonda’s  mouse ear headband tutorial.


Guest Post By Rhonda John

Do you love the custom Mouse Ear headbands that you see all over social media these day? Want to decorate your own?

How to Customize Your Own Mouse Ear Headbands:

Step 1: Order Mouse Ear headbands (seriously, the fun is in the decorating so get them pre-made)

Step 2: Decide which character you want to represent

Step 3: Gather decorations and fabric that correlate to your theme.

  • Thrifty Tip- You can find these in scrap fabric piles at your local fabric or craft store.
  • Visit the button section.
  • Visit the felt and floral department.
  • Think like your character and you can’t go wrong!

Step 4: Sew or hot glue the decorations onto the headband

Elena Themed Mouse Ear Headband

Step 5: Wear your custom Disney ears and enjoy the magical attention and compliments you get!


Inspiration:  Check out these mouse ear headband templates for inspiration.

Character Themed Mouse Ear Headband

Moana: decorate with flowers and greenery in true Hawaiian Luau fashion!

Beauty & the Beast: what’s more iconic than the rose and that tell-tale yellow hue with a book or hour glass charm?

Jasmine: turquoise glitter, gems & gold of course!

Snow White- Red, Blue, Yellow and a fun apple button!

Make your favorite character mouse ear headband

But honestly even if you aren’t planning a trip to a Disney theme park any time soon, there are plenty of reasons to wear your Mouse Ears and decorate them to suit your (um I mean your kids’) current favorite Disney inspired themes! Thanks for dreaming with us and be sure to share your magical creations by commenting below!

DIY Mouse Ear Headband

Detailed Beauty Mouse Ear Headband

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