Why Pain is Power in Blogging- Episode 18

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Do you ever get so frustrated in your blogging journey by all the speedbumps that all you want to do is give up and throw in the towel?  Do you ever feel like the hurdles you face in your blogging and in personal life might just be too much for you to overcome?  Maybe you feel like you take two steps back for every one step forward?  Everyone longs to overcome their blogging hurdles but it’s just not easy.  The easy thing to do is let the pain take over an push you to give up and give in.

I have been blogging for almost 5 years and in that time I’ve discovered something quite powerful about my epic fails, my speedbumps, comparison and struggling with tech problems.

In today’s Just Keep Blogging podcast episode, I unpack all this and dive into how to flip the script in your brain from seeing pain as an ongoing problem to seeing pain as power!

When you are all don’t with the episode, I’m hoping you come out on the other side embracing pain as a key to your personal and blogging growth!  You can overcome your blogging hurdles, my friend!

Make sure you tune in so you can be encouraged this week, no matter what trials you are facing right now.  Most success in life can’t happen unless you experience a little pain along the way.  Whether you want to lose extra baby weight, pay off debt or pursue a thriving entrepreneurial business.  Pain is important in those journeys to success.

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