Add A Blast of Holiday Sparkle To Your Dollar Store Glass Gifts

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Add a Blast of Holiday Sparkle to Your Dollar Store Gifts! It's really simple and thrifty to kick your dollar store glass gifts up a notch with a little sparkle love! Check out this step by step picture tutorial.

Last week I wrote a post about making large handled glasses from the dollar store into personalized drinking glasses with simple painting techniques.  On the same visit to the dollar store I found some really adorable star shaped glass bowls.  They are cute as is, but I thought with a little glitter paint and some festive holiday additions these would make great holiday home decor as well as great gifts for teachers, friends or neighbors!

Add a blast of Sparkle to your dollar store glass gifts

What You Need:

  • Glass Star Bowls from Dollar Tree
  • Glitter Blast Krylon Spray Paint that I bought with a 40% coupon at Michaels.
  • A trash bag, cardboard or painting tarp.\
  • A bag of delicious Christmas candy (your choice).
  • Clear Cellophane Gift Wrap (if you plan to give it away)
  • Christmas ribbon.

How You Do This:

Step 1: Lay out the trash bag in a well ventilated area.

Step 2: Clean your glass surface using a little rubbing alcohol and let dry.

Step 3: Turn your dish upside down on the black trash bag and spray as heavy or as light as you want with a can of Glitter Blast Paint by Krylon.

Step 4: Give the bottom a good coat and taper out the spray on the sides so the glitter sort of fades off as you go up the sides of the glass.

Painted Stars

Step 5: Follow the drying instructions on the back of your paint can.

Step 6: Once dry, fill the glass with tasty Christmas candies, wrap in clear cellophane paper and add a little ribbon to jazz it up!  Now you have a usable, sparkly DIY gift for teachers, neighbors, yourself or friends!

Gift Candy Bowl

If you like it enough, keep one for yourself and set it out during the holidays filled with your families favorite treats!

Add a Blast of Holiday Sparkle to Your Dollar Store Glass Gifts

I hope this project inspires you to do something simple yet great this holiday season!  Your smart, your creative!  Do something that makes you happy.
Kim Anderson

Add a Blast Of Holiday Sparkle to your dollar store gifts