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Decorate Your Mantel Like the Magazines All Year Long

Decorate Your Mantel Like the Magazines

My wonderful friend Rhonda has the method of decorating that I love.  She likes for things to be beautiful in her home, but she keeps it minimal and diverse enough that she can take a simple design and make it stretch through seasons.  Last year she did a post for me on her outdoor decor that you could modify slightly to get you from Halloween to Christmas (if you want to see what she does, check out her DIY Interchangeable Holiday Decor post).  She does something very similar on her mantel all year.  I thought you guys would love how easy and thrifty it can be to decorate your mantel like the magazines.

guest bloggerWhen I was a ‘tween’-ager, I used to rearrange my perfume bottles on my mirrored vanity tray (oh so popular in the 80’s) into picturesque still-lifes worthy of any department store window display! Fast forward a few (uhhm) decades and my fireplace mantel has now replaced my vanity top.

I’d love to share with you a simple way that you can create an area of interest in your home every month for the next year! If you’ve read any of my past blog posts, you know that I love interchangeable decorations because they are thrifty, time-saving and thematic (meaning you don’t have to spend too much time or money to create something fun & memorable)! Actually, the best thing about this post is that you probably have most of the items you need to decorate already in your home-now that’s thrifty!
You can see all my vases for the last year in the images at the bottom of this post.
Step 1: Begin with three glass vases that you love!
  • These can be found anywhere from the thrift store to the craft store or better yet find three that you already own!
  • The vases do NOT need to match, but their size and shape should complement each other.
  • Don’t forget about stores like Pottery Barn and the Dollar Store for inexpensive new glassware.

Step 2: Gather decorations or objects that best represent the current month’s topic for you and your family.

  • Get creative here and find items around your home that can best exemplify the month’s holiday or theme.
  • Dollar stores always have a great supply of small holiday decor that would easily fit in, decorate or wrap around your vases!

Step 3: Position the vases on your mantel and decorate around them.

  • I love the look of a large mirror or piece of artwork above the mantel with the vases positioned in front and additional decor draping the length of the mantel.

Simple Beach Themed Mantel Decor

Step 4: Each month, substitute new items.

  • Change the decor, both in your vases and on the area surrounding them, for your very own department store worthy display each month.
Halloween Simple Mantel Display
Thanksgiving Simple Mantel DisplayChristmas Simple Mantel DisplayWinter Simple Mantel DecorValentines Day Simple Mantel DisplayMardi Gras Simple Mantel DisplaySt. Patricks Day Simple Mantel DisplayEaster Simple Mantel Display
Back To School Simple Mantel Display
Sweet 16 Party Simple Mantel Display
 I hope you’ve been inspired by this post to make your very own memorable display for your mantel or anywhere you have a focal point in your home. My own family has taught me that it’s little things like this that makes your house a home! When you complete your still life, post a comment with a photo, we’d LOVE to see it!

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Decorate Your Mantel Like the Magazines All Year long

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  1. I really like your mantle ideas, very versatile. My only problem is the flag for the fourth of July. Do you think you could find a other way to display it? Flag protocol would not have anything on it. Thank you

      1. She means that you’re not supposed to have anything sitting on our flag.

        1. Deanna, like your not supposed to have something touching the stick? In the picture the wooden handle was touching a candle. That’s interesting. I only knew you weren’t supposed to let it touch the ground but there seem to be lots of rules about flags I didn’t know. It makes me wonder how people get away with Flag shirts, bathing suits, shorts and underwear that seem popular or is it only related to physical flags? I’ll have to look into this! Thanks for letting me know.

  2. What great ideas. I have pinned it on my pinterest for inspiration. Thanks for sharing and being so creative!

  3. Hi, Kim and Rhonda!
    Thanks for this wonderful post! I love these great decorating ideas. I don’t have a mantel (living in Florida), but you’ve inspired me to put these suggestions to use on my console table!

    1. Deborah, that is a great idea! These vases are so diverse you could put them just about anywhere in your home for thrifty seasonal decor!

  4. These are so neat! I have a huge mantel and never do anything because of cost…I am definitely going to give this idea a shot!!

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