Free Printable Craft Show Checklist

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Whether you are a complete newbie to craft fairs or an old pro, organization is the same for everyone.  You’ve got to be sure before you get in that vehicle to go to your show that you are ready to go.  That starts with a solid list.  So in this post I’ll share the free printable craft show checklist.

One of the most popular posts on my blog is called How To Successfully Prep and Sell at Craft Fairs.  After lots of comments and feedback I thought it would be super helpful to make a free printable craft show checklist.

Craft fairs are awesome but they take a lot of work, especially if you want to make some real cold hard cash.  Trying to get the items designed and made can take up so much of your attention that when game day comes your running around like a chicken with your head cut off.  

Therefore, please feel free to use print the Craft Show Checklist by clicking the teal button below. You can add your own items in the blanks, and feel much more prepared for your upcoming sale.  Beyond just a free printable checklist I’ve included some helpful tips for setting up your display when you arrive.

My Craft Sale Checklist

 Tips for Successful Craft Show Sale Table Set Up

1.Get a ridiculously awesome prop.

My mom got me a crazy Spanish Recycled Glass Head one year from Pier One Imports. Every time I put it on display and the head alone drew people straight to my table.  It’s was like a tractor beam.  People came up just to stare at the head and get a better look. Find some sort of unique item.  Not scary.  Not tacky.  Not wacky.  Just a subtly unique thing that draws the eye of a person walking by.

2.Use a Table Cloth

If you don’t want to go spend tons of money on table cloths, run by your local thrift store, and find some nice cloth other people have donated for around $2-$4 each.  If you want an artsy look grab some vintage sheets at the thrift store for a few bucks.  If you want a modern chic look, use burlap as your table cloth.

3.Make Price/Description Signs

I like to type up and print out my signs and put them in small picture frames on the table.  If you want an artsy look get lots of different shapes and sized frames from your local thrift store and put your printed signs in those.  If you want a more modern and chic look put little chalkboard signs around the table with your prices on them.

4.Create Height & Dimension

Don’t have a boring flat tabletop.  Bring old empty shoe boxes or hat boxes and stick them under your table cover.  They will create levels of dimension on your table for product or signage.

As you approach your next sale I hope that you find these tips and the free printable craft sale checklist to be helpful.  Good luck with all your crafty quests this year!

Free Printable Craft Sale Checklist plus 4 ways to make your craft sale table stand out from the crowd!