Fast & Easy No Mess Mini Caramel Candy Apples

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Something most people don’t know about me is that I am a caramel addict.  I walk by a stand of caramel candy apples and it’s over.  But you know what the real problem is?  Candy apples are darn HARD to eat.

Caramel Candy Apples

So when Chocoley, a gourmet chocolate and candy supply company, offered to send me some free caramel to get creative with, I literally couldn’t pass the offer up.  As soon as the box arrived I felt like it was Christmas and to my caramel loving surprise, there were two whole TUBS of caramel at my disposal.

What’s a girl to do with two whole tubs of caramel?  One, get a spoon.  Two, eat an entire spoon full. Three, come up with something amazing and useful to do with it (which wasn’t hard because it’s CARAMEL!)  Candy apple was my first idea but I wanted to do it my way.

So I decided to make some mini caramel candy apples.  I love the idea of these little bite-size delights because I literally can’t eat the full-size ones.  Every fall, I walk by the windows of those candy stores in the mall and drool staring through the window at those giant, $10 per pound caramel dipped apples.

Here’s the catch.  I love cooking.  I hate cleaning.  When I did my first taste test of the Chocoley caramel, one thing was clear, this stuff was really easy to mold and really easy to eat.  I didn’t even need to melt the caramel to get it to work into the form that I wanted it.  It’s so easy to manipulate.  So here is how I made my very first batch of fast & easy no mess mini caramel candy apples. Seriously, these took me about 30 minutes to make.  You need to make these at least one time this fall.

Fast & Easy Mess Free Mini Caramel Candy Apples Supplies

Candy Apple Caramel Ingredients & Supplies:

Fast & Easy Mess Free Mini Caramel candy Apples Step 1

Candy Apple Step 1:

Using the large end of your melon baller simply twist and scoop out as many tiny apple balls as you can. Fast & EAsy Mess Free Mini Caramel Apples Step 2

Candy Apple Step 2:

Dry off your apples.  Notice all the moisture on this plate?  No good for mini caramel apples.  You want to dry off your apples and keep them dry until you are ready for your caramel.Fast & Easy Mess Free Mini Caramel Apples Step 3

Candy Apple Step 3:

Prep your sprinkles in bowl for easy dipping- cause this process goes FAST!Fast & Easy Mess Free Mini Caramel Apples Step 4

Candy Apple Step 4:

Spoon about a half tablespoon of the Chocoley caramel.Fast & EAsy Mess Free Mini Caramel Apples Step 6


Candy Apple Step 5:

Stretch it out to form a caramel circle.  I didn’t have any trouble with this sticking to my hands.
Fast & Easy Mess Free Mini Caramel Apples Step 5


Candy Apple Step 6:

Carefully and gently place your apple ball in the center of the caramel and then wrap the caramel up and around all sides.  Smooth the caramel using your fingers much like you would clay.Fast & Easy Mess Free Mini Caramel Apples Step 8


Candy Apple Step 7:

Stick a sturdy toothpick made for entertaining in the top of your apple.  While holding the stick, gently roll your caramel apple in the edible confetti.

Fast & Easy Mess Free Mini Caramel Apples Step 12


Candy Apple Step 8:

Place your apples in some little paper candy cups.  

IMPORTANT: Store uncovered candy apples in the fridge and be sure to serve within a few hours.  The caramel candy apple’s taste great but they also sweat a little.  The longer they sit, not chilled, the less solid they become.  This is because these mini apples don’t have skins so they release a little moisture.  The moisture starts breaking down the caramel and making it runny if they aren’t set correctly or are left out too long.
Fast & Easy Mess Free Mini Caramel Apples Step 10

Fast & Easy Mess Free Mini Caramel Apples Step 11

I hope you enjoyed this fall candy making project!  I know I did.  They really are fast and easy no mess mini caramel apples!  Stay tuned as I’m going to be making some delicious candy holiday gifts in the coming week using more of Chocoley’s gourmet ingredients!

Tell me about your favorite fall treat in the comments section below!

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