The 20 Most Iconic 80s Accessories

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The 80’s were filled with the most fun and eccentric fashion trends we have seen to date. They have inspired new trends and continue to reappear in our seasonal fashions throughout the subsequent decades. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the most popular and iconic of 80s accessories!  Hopefully, these ideas can help you prep for your next 80’s party or 80’s costume party and be legit!

80s Accessories for Your Hair

The higher the hair the closer to God. Or at least that’s what we thought for the decade that brought you the “Farrah Fawcett” and “Flock of Seagulls” hair. But in order to truly rock some 80’s hair, you need the proper accessories!

Here are some videos to help you get the look you want!

Women’s BIG Hair

Men’s Big Hair

Banana Clips

  • The banana clip was designed with the curvature of the head in mind
  • Great for classic or side pony tail
  • Tease hair out and then use the clip to pull it all together
  • Here is a quick tutorial on how to use a Banana Clip! 


  • The most iconic of 80’s hair accessories.
  • The more the better
  • Layer multiple scrunchies to add height to ponytail and color to an outfit


  • Men’s headbands were usually tied across the forehead
  • Classic look for metal hair bands of the 80’s
  • Could be funky pattern or classic bandana style
  • Women’s head bands were fluffy and big to accentuate the hair of the same style.


  • Classic hats of the 80’s include:
    • Snap back trucker caps
    • Fedoras (an actual fedora, not that tiny tribily posing as a fedora)
    • Bucket Hats (Kangol was the primary brand)
    • Bowler
  • These hats were accessorized with feathers, scarves, and flowers
  • Bright patterns are always en vogue

2. Iconic Jewelry 80s Accessories

  • Necklaces were usually worn in bulk
  • Layering of small necklaces of different length
  • Or large chunky necklaces
  • Gold was a huge look during this time frame
golden layered 1980s inspired necklace

Swatches (Watches)

  • A line of brightly colored and patterned watches
  • gained popularity in the 80’s for being “disposable and inexpensive”
  • A word combination of “Second Watch”Created during the “quartz crisis” to provide an alternative to expensive watches
  • So many great patterns and colors with interchangeable pieces

Jelly Bracelets

  • Millions of these colorful bracelets have been sold
  • I used to wear these half-way to my elbow (that’s a lot of jelly bracelets!)
  • Popular music stars like Madonna are pictured wearing these iconic 80’s accessory trend
  • Usually worn as multiples

Large Chunky Earrings

Whether you want to rock the classic 80’s style of 1 earring or show off the set, the bigger the better when it comes to this 80’s accessory!

  • Pop Art themed jewelry
  • Tassels
  • Animal print
  • Funky art designs
  • The list goes on and on, but here are some of my favorites!

Bolo Ties

  • This staple of fashion was constantly utilized in both men and women’s clothing
  • Its like a necktie and a necklace had a baby
  • I think more ostentatious the clasp, the better
  • In the 1980’s the state of New Mexico made it their official tie
  • The popularity grew because of well known movies in the 8o’s and became a worldwide sensation

3. 80s Accessories for Your Hands

Some of the best 80s accessories in my opinion were found on your hands!  These are some of the cheapest costume upgrades you can find too!

Fingerless Gloves

Every pop star that graced the stage of the 80’s has at one point donned this classic accessory.

  • Fishnet was a very popular material for this style
  • Lace was often seen as well
  • For a more “metal” look leather or pleather material is the go-to
  • Finding pleather with studs ups the look’s statement

4. 80s Accessories for Your Waist

The 80’s showed us when functional went out the window and we went to fashionable. Belts turned into a huge fashion piece and were rarely worn for actually holding up pants.

  • Elastic wrap belts found their way on top of all clothing pieces
  • Wrapping belts were also at the height of fashion
  • People would wear them on top of everything:
    • Dresses
    • Blazers
    • Sweaters
    • T-shirts
  • Studded belts became very popular to add to softer materials to create an extreme look

5. 80’s Accessories for Your Shoulders

  • Shoulder pads were created because more women were entering the workforce than ever before
  • Women had to have clothing that could counter the professional look of men
  • These were often removable to allow change in sizes
  • Learn the fascinating history of women’s should pad fashion.

6. 80’s Accessories for Your Face

  • I loved the crazy frames that started appearing on the market in the 1980s
  • Angular artsy frames were very common
  • Large glasses from cheek to eyebrow we all the rage
  • I am a fan of anything that is over the top and this fashion brought it

7. Scarves & T-shirt Clips

  •  Scarves were used for fashion from hair and hats, to belts, to a layered accessory
  • Choosing a scarf for this era is easy because every pattern and style could be used
  • I love picking a bolt pattern to clash with an existing for this time period
  • A scarf ring adds so much to this theme

8. 80s Accessories for Your Legs & Feet

Swarmed by warmers. The 80’s was the beginning of the aerobics movement and everybody had to look cool while doing it. Movies like ‘Flashdance’ and ‘Fame’ created a style that had everybody’s calves in cable knit.

  • Leg warmers can be made from several different materials, but the most common was a knitted cotton
  • Contrasting colors over leggings is the most iconic way to wear them
  • Match a head band to complete this classic ensemble


  • The legging craze is back in full force
  • You can’t walk down the street without seeing at least 3 different pairs, all with their own style and design
  • The 80s brought this staple of fashion to the forefront
  • I like to pick basic neutrals and crazy prints
  • Nothing is off limits when it comes to patterns

80’s Accessories Shoes & Sneakers

  • Shoes for men and women were all over the place
  • Casual sneakers consisted of (just to name a few):
    • Reebok high-tops
    • Converse Chuck Taylors
    • Adidas shell-front
  • Interesting stylistic shoes consisted of:
    • Jellies- a sandal made from a modeled plastic
    • Dr. Martin’s boots were very popular
    • Women’s heels usually lower then 3″ in the “kitten” style

9. 80’s Accessories: Jackets

  • Jackets were perfect for layering, which is the main idea behind 80’s fashion
  • Denim jackets were the all day, every day staple jacket
  • Track jacket and windbreakers in funky colors and patterns were very popular
  • Member’s Only was the “night out” classic jacket
  • Blazers with a rolled cuff and exaggerated shoulders were a great fashion statement

Jean or Denim Jackets

You can find these pretty much anywhere now.


These are usually also very prevalent in thrift stores these days.

Members Only Jackets

Women’s Blazers with Shoulder Pads

The biggest thing with eighties fashion is to layer and mix and match textures and patterns. I hope this accessories list helps you plan your next decade adventure!

20 of the Most Iconic 80s Accessories
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