Ultimate Guide to Planning a Kids Disco Party

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Remember when you were a kid and the things that made a party mesmerizing were the lights? For me, it was the skating rink with their giant, mirrored balls that caused tiny orbs of light to dance across the floors and wall. It was a magical place. Why do disco balls entrance us so much? I love the idea of throwing a kids disco party to bring all that excitement into their sphere.

two kids playing with disco balls for a kids disco party

Where to start when designing a great party? When I decide to throw a kid’s party, I first consider which venue is the best for hosting my children’s party. Since I want this to be a disco party, I need a place that is conducive for the lighting and space needed to do this.

The thrifty mom in me knows that I could also make this work and have a disco party at home if the budget was tight for renting a space.  

  • A large space is best for a kids disco party
  • If you are planning a party at home consider the garage or basement.
  • Larger rented spaces will allow for the mirrorball to have the biggest impact
  • Once you have decided on a place, then you need to get those invitations out!

Kids Dico Party Invitations

Funky and groovy invitations will help solidify this theme. I am a big fan of the paper invitation. When people receive a paper invitation, then they are more likely to make that event a priority. You can still send out e-vites and reminders, and a Facebook event page is also helpful for detailed information. I know that the paper invite goes straight onto the fridge where it is always in the eyesight of the guest- prime real estate in my opinion. 

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Kids Disco Party Decorations

mini disco balls are fun decorations at a kids disco party


Being that this party is centered around the mirrorball, you can place this iconic party piece throughout the event. Make sure that you have at least one real, working disco ball to set the mood, but otherwise, these can be used in all areas of decorating to amplify the theme. 

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If you wanted to have several disco balls in the room, you can put smaller ones around the room to make overlapping patterns that can be quite mesmerizing. I think the kiddos will love this style too!

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Streamers and Balloons

The thing I love about steamers and balloons are the height that they add to the aesthetic. It is important to have the dynamic of the party represented from floor to ceiling. This will encapsulate the theme and make for an immersive experience. Transforming the room with these decorations will WOW the kids. Look for items that scream disco inferno!

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Table Decorations

Designing a great table layout is easy with some simple planning. The main things you want to focus on are:

  • Themed table cloth
  • Paper products that are indicative of the disco aspect
    • Plates
    • Napkins
    • Cups
    • Straws
  • Dessert toppers
  • Appetizer plate decorations

By combining these funky items, your guests will be transported via soul train. The bright colors and vintage-inspired designs are iconic and nuanced. 

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DIY Disco Floorcreate a dance floor for kids disco party

Want to create a classic disco floor- it’s not as difficult as you might think it is. You will need some basic materials and a little craftiness. But I guarantee the result will be fun for everyone! 

Here’s a quick how-to video! 

Food and Drink

With kids parties you want to consider two variables: 

  1. What will they eat. 
  2. What is fun to eat. 

With the in mind, here is a list of the best food for kids parties because they are more likely to eat it. Then you fun some suggestions of foods that are just down right FUN to eat and drink. 

  • Pizza
  • Pizza Pockets
  • Nachos
  • Tacos
  • Chips and Dip
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Oreo Cookies
jello is a fun snack for a kids disco party

There are so many iconic foods from the 70s era. Pick some of the favorites and create a throwback experience for everyone!


“It wiggles and it jiggles!” We love this weird, gelatinous food. From my childhood into adulthood, I enjoy the different ways you can make this delightful treat. I love to put it in fun drinks for kids or throw them into a creative vintage mold for a party. This kids’ disco party is no different! Decide which iconic Jell-O mold you want to use for this party.
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Chocolate Fondue

chocolate fondu makes a delicious treat at a kids disco party

There is no time like the present to break out this iconic blast from the past. The stinky gruyere cheese can miss this kids’ social event, but the chocolate is more than welcome to attend. Pick up a (kid-safe) fondue pot and make this experience something to remember. 

Fondue Dippers:

  • Berries
    • Strawberry
    • Raspberry
    • Cherry (pitted)
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Angel food cake
  • Brownie bites
  • Cookie dough
  • Marshmallows
  • Rice Krispie treats

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orange soda was popular during the 70s and makes for a great kids disco party drink

There are several drinks that the 70s are known for making famous. Bring these delightful beverages into your kids disco party. Whether they are sparkling or still, they are delicious and always a treat.

Orange Soda

I know you’re thinking, “Kim… orange soda?” Yes, my friends. We forget how tantalizing this beverage is to the tongue. It is sweet, zesty, and effervescent. If you want to make things a little more fun, add a little B-12 to the mix. This vitamin will glow under UV light. Place a small black light near the table and see the kids’ faces (and drinks) light up!


Every flavor of kool-aid is delicious. Making regular Kool-aid for this party is an easy way to please the masses. However, if you wanna take it one step farther, freeze different colors of kool-aid drinks. Since the drink comes in every color of the rainbow, you can make an exciting drink for your party-goers. Take the colorful cubes and drop them into light-colored sodas to make an impact on their thirst experience.


Be sure to download a rockin’ and groovy playlist for this shindig. There are so many great ones out there to choose from for this event. Keep the music going all night long!

70’s Disco Party Hits

Disco Party Favors

I enjoy good party favors. Cultivated, themed items can really bring your party to a whole new level and dynamic. For a kids disco party favor, I would definitely look into wearables. Kids love to dress up and by including items at the party that they can wear, you make the experience encapsulating. This is a night to remember, give them a memento!

Disco Necklaces

The fun of the disco ball can be worn at this party. These cute accessories will catch the light of the event and shimmer and shine all night long.

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Goodie Bags

If you want to send them home with some treats, make sure you find a disco party favor bag that is on the theme! Stuff them full of favorite candies and treats. It’s a great way to end this amazing night.

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I hope that you have enjoyed these funky kids’ disco party ideas! Have a groovy time! If you want help ditching your party planning overwhelm be sure you get my thrifty little Stree Free Kid’s Birthday Bash Planner and Workbook.

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