12 Fun Halloween Drinks for Kids

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If you are getting ready for a spectacularly spooky party or just want to have a fun night at home with kids, this is a list of fantastically fun Halloween drinks for kids!  Note that each one does offer an option to make the drink into a legit cocktail if you want to serve your adults a punched up version!

I personally headed down to my local dollar store and picked up some fun new glasses for the special drink on the special occasion.  Anything that mixes it up, makes it new, festive and interesting for my kids.  You can do the same thing for your next Halloween shindig!

In this post, I’m going to start by showing you how I make my newest Monster Mocktail.  It’s super simple and if you want to make it an adult beverage, I’ll also tell you what you can add to make it a super fantastic cocktail!

Kim’s Monster Mocktail

Monster Mocktail Ingredients:

I recommend that you make a punch out of this or make each glass individually.  If you make each glass individually then pour in a 1:1 ratio of Blackberry Ginger Ale to Simply Lemonade with Blueberry.

Each ingredient listed below make about 6, 12oz mocktails so plan for the number of guests you expect!

  • 1- Two Liter of Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale (Soda Aisle at the grocery store)
  • 1- 52 oz bottle of Simply Lemonade with Blueberry (Refrigerated juice aisle at the grocery store)
  • PS- If you want to add an “adult” cocktail option for your ADULT guests you can also add a shot of Blueberry Bird Dog Whiskey!

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HP Butterbeer!

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then check out this awesome Harry Potter Butterbeer Recipe on Thrifty Little Mom!  If you are planning a Harry Potter get some fun inspiration from my Ultimate Harry Potter Themed Party Tutorial.

Blood Red Vampire Mocktail

Halloween cocktail with bloody rim on the dark background

If you want to go with a more vampire feel to your drink lineup I love a pretty red beverage.  Again you can probably find some GREAT glasses for this sort of drink at the dollar store.

Ingredients for the mocktail:

For this mocktail you want the RED to be vibrant but I’m also a big fan of anything that tastes like a Shirley Temple so in this cast I would do a 1:3 ratio with a little sprite followed by double the Crush Cherry Soda!

  • Crush Cherry Soda
  • Sprite

How to turn this mocktail into a cocktail? Add a shot of Gin!

Want to get that bloody glass rim look?

It’s a little extra work but your guests will be totally impressed.  Check out this Halloween Martini- Vampire Style recipe/tutorial.

Warm Apple Cider

For a super simple drink that anyone can make, consider getting out your slow cooker a few hours before your party starts, pouring in a gallon of apple cider and heating it up!  I think these make super cute, easy and simple Halloween drinks for kids or adults.

I really like this Slow Cooker Hot Spiced Apple Cider recipe from Kitchen Treaty because they also give you a fun adult option at the end in addition to some simple ingredients that can take a plain jane cider into a warming mulled cider!

If you want to give it that Halloween feel, grab some of these super fun glass skull mugs on Amazon! >>>
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Polyjuice Potion

murky polyjuice potion drink for kids
spooky polyjuice potion drink for kids on halloween

Polyjuice potion is from the Harry Potter franchise. It was used to turn a wizard into any other person so long as they had some piece of that person (i.e. a strand of hair). This drink “is a complex and time-consuming concoction, is best left to highly skilled witches and wizards”. Though said to be quite horrid in flavor and murky, we decided to make it delicious and witchy.

Ingredients per glass:

  • 2 tablespoons (already congealed) lime gelatin
  • lemon lime soda (to fill glass)
  • 1 pinch activated charcoal powder (per drink)
  • 1 tablespoon coconut milk (per drink)
  • ice


  • In glass, add gelatin cubes to the bottom.
  • mix charcoal powder and coconut milk together separately in blender
  • pour over gelatin in glass
  • add ice
  • then pour lemon lime soda on top

This will make for a freaky, yet tasty concoction to emulate this spooky potion.

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Beetlejuice Milkshake

chocolate syrup stripes with cookies and cream milkshake for halloween

A classic frightening character, Beetlejuice was also playful. I wanted to bring the funny side of halloween to light with this milkshake. It is a cookies and cream vanilla shake, chocolate stripes, lime jello and crumbled cookies (all of these can remade with dairy free alternatives, but you may have to make your own vegan magic shell chocolate)


  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Milk
  • Oreo (or the like) Cookies
  • Shell Chocolate syrup
  • Lime Jello
chocolate glass striping

Directions for glass: 

  • Use a small dropper and shot glass and pour small amount of shell chocolate in
  • Using dropper, tilt glass sideways and roll stripes onto side of glass
  • I prefer shell because it will harden and not drip down glass
  • Keep rolling and tilted until dry
  • You can keep these in the fridge until you are ready to use
  • Before adding milkshake mixture, add chocolate syrup to rim
  • Dip rim into crumbled cookie plate and let dry

Directions for milkshake:

  • Blend 1 cup ice cream with 1 cup milk (per glass)
  • Add cookies to blended mixture and blend to chunky (that’s how I like it, but if you want smaller pieces, blend longer)
  • Place congealed jello in glass ( I like it on top, but on the bottom is cool too!)
  • Pour mixture into glass
  • Whether you place the jello in the bottom or on top, create barrier with shell chocolate.
  • Add gummy worms if you’d like!
beetlejuice milkshake with gummy worms
jello and worms milkshake for halloween

A fun and delicious halloween drink for kids! If you want to make it an adult drink, add vodka and/or creme de cacao in 1/2 ounce measurements.
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Spooky Sky Drink

Spooky sky with stars for halloween

This drink is super easy to create and it is quite beautiful. Its simplicity makes it a wonderful drink for a party that will wow kids and adults alike.

  • Blend 1/4 teaspoon of activated charcoal powder to any quart of “still beverage” (I chose lemonade).
  • Add stars and enjoy!

Phew! That was hard!
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 The Enchanted Rose Drink

Drink for kids with a rose and stars for halloween

Growing up on Beauty and the Beast, I loved all the magic especially the enchanted rose. In the story, the rose wilts and when the last petal is gone, the curse will remain. The rose in this drink will slowly dissipate into the beverage as it soaks. The red fruit snack I got was strawberry so I knew it would taste great with the soda.

To make this drink you will need:

  • Sparkling beverage (light in color) of your choosing, I just used a lemon lime soda
  • Fruit snack paper
  • Star sprinkles


fruit snack paper rose in glass
paper rose made from fruit snack in glass
  • Unroll fruit snack paper
  • Twist into a rose shape (doesn’t have to be perfect)
  • Place in bottom of glass (with a little pressure it should stick)
  • Add star sprinkles
  • Fill with soda

Magical and tasty!

Slimer Drink

ghostbuster's slimer halloween drink for kids

Being that I grew up in the 80’s, Ghostbusters was everywhere! And so was our favorite mischievous character, Slimer. Even if your kids don’t know who Slimer is, they will surely enjoy a slime drink. Any drink where I get to slurp Jell-O through a straw makes me smile!

Simple Recipe:

  • Add congealed lime gelatin to drink.
  • Ice cubes to desired level
  • Pour in a light colored fizzy beverage

Eyeball Drink

Lychee Eyeball kids drink for halloween

Making edible eyeballs for a drink can be very simple and tasty! Lychee is a small Chinese fruit that is lightly sweet. You can get a can of these from the international section of large grocery stores or an asian market. Rinse and add blueberries or raspberries to the pitted area. There are pictures and a tutorial available to make your own lychee eyeballs.

  • Canned lychee fruit
  • blue berries or raspberries
  • fruit jam
  • toothpicks (optional)

Pumpkin Caramel Milkshake


No Halloween post is complete with out some form of pumpkin spice recipe. Make this delicious and tantalizing milkshake for your halloween party and place into jack-o-lantern cups.


  • Vanilla extract
  • Cream
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Pumpkin puree
  • Pumpkin spice seasoning
  • Caramel sauce

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Specimen Jar Drinks

This is just a fun idea for kids drinks. Make your own specimen jars for the kids to drink out of with fun labels.


  • Pick up some mason jars with lids and straws
  • Grab some plastic bugs or animals
  • Get some antique labels to write the “specimen” on the jar
  • These can be refilled with any beverage of choice.

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I hope you have found some of these Halloween  recipes ideas to be a hit at your next Halloween celebration.

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