Simple Seasonal Wreath Instructions

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This time of year always makes me want to get crafty.  With all the holiday’s that come one right after the other I get inspired to decorate.  I have tried my hand a several wreaths but by far my favorite is the yarn wrap wreath and the shotgun shell wreath.

1. The Yarn Wrap Seasonal Wreath

Make your Own Fall Yarn Wrap Wreath

Unlike the classic Christmas greenery wreaths, the brown grapevine wreaths with a yarn wrap wreath, you can make it whatever color you want!  The options are endless and the wreaths are very, very easy.  

This is how I made mine!  Please note that the colors of felt, yarn and fabric in the step by step instructions are for a spring wreath I’m working on and obviously not the one pictured.  

I completed the one pictured before I had a blog. 😉  However, it still shows you exactly how to make the one pictured.

Yarn Wrap Wreath Supplies:

  • 40% off coupon from your local craft store website.
  • 1 Straw Wreath
  • 2 Skeins of yarn for each color of yarn you want ( I prefer the Lion Brand: Wool Ease “Chunky” yarn because it’s thick and covers more territory faster when you are wrapping.  
    • Regular yarn just takes far too long to wrap for me to stay interested and finish.   
    • If you want to get a cheaper version, Walmart does sell a thicker yarn in their craft department)
  • Several squares of felt in coordinating colors to your yarn.
  • 1/4 yard of fun fabric that matches your yarn.
  • Optional: Coordinating 1 or 2 inch ribbon.
  • Buttons in coordinating colors.
  • Marker
  • Various size cups
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

Step 1: Wrap the yarn-  

Begin wrapping your straw wreath. You can wrap one color at a time, two colors at at time or as many as you want.  I start out wrapping with one piece of yarn from each of my colors even though I bought 2 of each.  The other two are just in case I don’t have enough yarn to cover it.  If I do, I return the other un-used yarn.  The options are endless on colors!

A straw wreath I began wrapping for my winter wreath.
A straw wreath I began wrapping for my winter wreath.

Step 2: Secure Yarn.

Once you have wrapped the straw wreath in yarn secure the last wrap by tying the yarn around and tying it in a knot.  If you want to wrap ribbon around the wreath, now is the time to do it!

Step 3: Make your felt flowers.  

To do this step, you simply cut circles out of the felt.  The bigger the circle, the bigger the flower.

Edisto 2013 083
Step 1- Using a glass as my guide I traced a circle onto my felt with a marker.
Edisto 2013 084
Step 2- I cut the circle out of the felt.
Edisto 2013 085
Step 3- I cut a spiral design into the felt starting from the outside and working my way toward the center.
Edisto 2013 086
Up close view of spiral cut.
Edisto 2013 087
Step 4- Begin with the outside strand of the circle.
Edisto 2013 088
Begin tightly rolling the felt up.
Edisto 2013 090
Keep rolling (sometimes the center of your roll may want to come up higher than the outside, keep tight control or your flower won’t look right).

Edisto 2013 091 Edisto 2013 092 Edisto 2013 093

Note: Go ahead and spread hot glue across the bottom of your flower to keep it together.

Step 4: Make your fabric flowers.  

You can make these adorable by hot cluing a button to the center of the flower.

Close up of fabric flower.
Close up of fabric flower.
Edisto 2013 094
Step 1- Trace your circle on your fabric (a little nicer than I did 🙂 )
Edisto 2013 095
Fabric circle cut out.
Edisto 2013 096
Step 2- Place the circle face down so that the nice side of the fabric is face down on your surface.
Edisto 2013 097
Step 3- Fold circle in half.
Edisto 2013 098
Step 4- Fold circle in half again, like you are closing a book.
Edisto 2013 099
This is what one “petal” on your flower will look like. Make about 8 of these and then you can form a flower. See diagram below.
Flower diagram
Layer 1 of fabric petals
  • I created this diagram so you could see how to create a flower from the triangle pieces (petals) you are making out of fabric.
  • I put a small circle of felt at the base to have something to glue the layers down to.
  • I also put a little shot of glue inside each petal to keep it from unfolding on me.



Layer 2 of glued down petals goes in-between layer 1
Layer 2 of glued down petals goes in-between layer 1’s petals.

Layer 2 looks like this!






flower diagram 3

Layer 3 is simply adding a button to the center with hot glue!








Step 5: Arrange the flowers 

Practice arranging your flowers and then glue them down.


Step 6: Hang your yarn wrap seasonal wreath. 

Hang and enjoy your work!  (I got my gold door hanger at the dollar store.)

Yarn Wrap Wreath

 As you can see, ribbon is optional, but against my dark door, it really kicked my wreath up a notch to add it!


2.  The Shotgun Shell Wreath

Shotgun shell wreath

My best friend made this one for me last year as a Christmas gift!  We loved it sooo much.

Step 1: Get a Grapevine Wreath from your local craft store.

Step 2: Gather empty shotgun shells (recycling!).

Step 3: Using a hot glue gun attach the shotgun shells all over the front of the wreath.

Step 4: Wrap burlap ribbon around the wreath as pictured. Create a bow at the top.

Step 5: Hang your wreath.

3. The Burlap Seasonal Wreath

The burlap seasonal wreath is even easier than the yarn wrap wreath because of how wide the burlap ribbon is!  You can wrap a wreath in minutes with this wide of a ribbon option.  I have a few full tutorials on How To Make a Chic Burlap DIY Halloween Wreath  and a Personalized Burlap Letter Wreath Tutorial

Here is the video tutorial for the Halloween wreath below:


4. The Berry Seasonal Wreath

My next favorite seasonal wreath is the berry sprig wreath because it is also fairly simple and easy to make and is a seasonal wreath that you can make in under 15 minutes for around $15.  I give you the full tutorial in my Make a Winter Berry Wreath in 15 Minutes for $15   article.  

See the video for this berry wreath tutorial below!


5. The Grapevine Seasonal Wreath 

I think people feel like if they make a pretty wreath it’s got be stuffed full of silk flowers and be something they would sell on the wall of the local craft store. 

In reality, you can make really nice grapevine wreaths with very simple supplies and make a gorgeously simple master piece for your front door! 

I hope you find these ideas helpful as you decide on which seasonal wreath you want to make or buy!

MAke Your own Fall Yarn Wrap wreath 2