Hosting Holiday Parties on the Cheap: TLM Podcast Episode 007

Hosting Holiday Parties on the Cheap

One of the best party planners and executers that I know is Rhonda John. So in today’s podcast I asked her to share her wisdom on hosting holiday parties on the cheap. She totally delivered 20 minutes of great insight, ideas and inspiration for your next holiday soiree. From party planning to party prepping to party entertainment, we’ve got you and your budget covered in today’s episode!  Make your next Christmas party AMAZING!

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  1. Rhonda’s Printable Party Planner, pictures of some of the ideas we talked about today as well as ideas we didn’t get to cover! Check out these ideas and more in these 2 posts!      Thrifty Party Planning Tips and Tricks + Free Printable Planner. Throw amazing parties on small budgets.

5 Stress Reducing Holiday Shortcuts to help you survive and thrive this Holiday season. From gifts, to hosting, to party outfits, we've got you covered!


2. Other Holiday Decorating Tips from Rhonda:

Trim Your Tree like the magazines

How To Decorate Your Home With Free Fresh Evergreen. Fill your home with the sites and scents of the holiday season

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  1. Holiday parties doesn’t have to be always expensive. Your guests is more excited of the times and memories that will be cherished. Just be creative and unique and for sure they will love it.

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