How to Host Your Own Sip and Paint Party

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Recently I’ve become rather addicted to looking at local “event” happenings using the Facebook app on my phone.  One trend that see regularly is sip and paint party events.  As an artist type who enjoys a nice Malbec and painting (like I did before my free time was taken over by diapers and finger paints) this idea is EXTREMELY appealing.

I’m always looking for fun new activities to do with my friends to and this idea hit me as one I really want to try.  Not just out at a studio but in the comfort of my house with my best friends!

So here are tips on how to host your own Paint and Sip Party at home!

Come, Sip and Paint, Wine Not?

There are many ways to invite people to a paint and sip party.

  • Super Creative Paint and Sip Party Invite- You can get a little crafty with it. Mini-canvas are easy to purchase at a local craft store and usually run less than $1 per canvas. They are big enough to write all the information for the party onto, and it shows a fun quirky take on the soiree.

  • You can use traditional paper invitations in a thematic print- there are several cute prints and designs that would be very fun to choose from.
  • Don’t forget that you can also invite people to events using Facebook.

Prepare for the sip and paint affair

There are several things you will need to acquire for this paint and sip party.

  • Sip and Paint Party Tables for everyone to sit comfortably

    • You may have a small group that can all fit comfortably at a dinning room table or kitchen island. However, if the floor plan is off, you may need to rent tables so that everyone can be together in one room.
    • You can rent tables from a local rental company. An eight (8) foot table will run you less than $10 to rent in most markets. With supplies and set up, you will need account for 5 -6 people at most per table.
    • I actually own 2 of these fold out 6 foot tables for special occasions at my house.  They come in handy on the regular and usually cost between  $45-$60.

  • Chairs for everyone at Sip and Paint Party

    • Not everyone will sit the whole time, I personally am a stand and paint type, but for in between conversing and hanging out, chairs are very necessary.
    • You can also get these at the rental store. Most chairs cost less than $2 per chair.


  • Table cloths for both table and floor protection

    • As much as I would like to say this is for the potential paint spills, that wine can find its way out of the glass just as easily. If you are not able to do this in an area without soft flooring, remember to pick up a couple extra table cloths to place underneath the painting areas.
    • Stemless wine glasses might the way to go!
  • All-in-one Sip and Paint Party Supply Pack



      • While you can purchase table top easels for the party, the thrifty way I’ve seen to make sure everyone has an easel is by acquiring (clean, unused) pizza take out boxes.
      • You buy these online for less than $1 a piece, or if you don’t mind “brand name”, you can ask for a few the next time you’re at a pizza place.
      • Here is a Pizza Box Art Easel Tutorial.


  • Pre-Drawn Canvas

    • But if you do not have a guide for your paint and sip party, do not fret!
    • They’ve always found a way to make things happen for us! Check this out- Pre-Drawn canvas! That’s right. Now you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to paint or coming up with something. Just sit back, sip and enjoy these already lined canvas.

Check out all the options on Amazon>>> Pre-drawn Canvas Options 

      • Water cups for cleaning brushes in between are also a great idea.
      • Just make sure those glasses look very different than the vessels you’re drinking the wine out of (hehe).
  • Paint Brush Alternative-


  • WINE, WINE and… oh, yeah, WINE!


We’re here! Now what?

Getting everybody set up and ready to go should be fairly easy. Getting pre drawn canvas makes it very easy to keep everyone having a good time with the same project. Make a point to pick a theme that resonates with your group. Maybe have a seasonal theme, or a favorite famous artist print ready to go.

Sip and Paint Tip: Everyone likes “Starry Night” and “Sunflower”.

Sip and Paint something new!

This style party is highly influenced by our love of the vine. I think this is a perfect opportunity to try different wines that you may not be as familiar with. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Pinot Noir or Pinot Grigio as much as the next lady, but here is a list of some of my favorite wines you may have never tried.

PS- I usually have a few lemonade or sparkling non-alcoholic options too!

Sip and Paint White Wine 101:

  • Vino Verde-
    • this is traditionally a Portuguese wine. It is the perfect wine for a patio day or for a dinner party. What do I love about it? It isn’t too sweet, think pear sweetness. IT IS EFFERVESCENT! I love a little fizzy in my drinks and this one has a light sparkle that dances on your tongue. My favorite brand is Casal Garcia and it is usually less the $10 per bottle.
  • Sauvignon Blanc-
    • Crisp, refreshing and delicious. Anytime you can get one of these from the Marlborough region of New Zealand, you will see what dynamic flavor this style has to offer.
  • UN-oaked chardonnay-
    • When most people think Chardonnay these days they think of a bingo hall or a stale gallery event. Unoaked Chardonnays are the new face of Chardonnays. They aren’t your grandmother’s white wine. Bright and bold with a weighted body and a round mouth feel- It packs a wider range of flavor than most of your other delicate grapes.
  • Moscato of the sparkling variety makes for the perfect sweet and fizzy combination.
    • This is a perfect style to add fresh fruit to. You can stick with the classic berries combination, or go more demure slices of pear floating in it. Either way with sparkling beverage makes a statement every time.

Sip and Paint Red Wine 101:

  • Ripasso-
    • a less expensive version of its older sibling Amarone, this red wine is made from grapes that have been dried prior to fermentation (kind of like raisins). This drying process concentrates the sugars and makes for a deeper, richer wine. It is dryer than a California Pinot Noir, so if that isn’t sweet enough for you, maybe stick with this next one
  • Sangue di Giuda-
    • or the Blood of Judas. This one has a great story. The monks who made this wine named it this to keep the nuns from drinking it! However, do not let the name throw you off. It is sparkling and sweet. A sweet, sparkling RED wine? YES! And is it delicious! This pair perfectly with flourless chocolate cake (please and thank you). If you cannot find this particular wine, one similar I have seen at many conventional grocery stores is Roscato. Its definitely a close second.
  • Côtes Du Rhône-
    • this is a French wine from the Rhône region. These grapes have old vines which will pull a lot of the earthier flavors and make for a dry wine. Now, here’s the fun part of this wine, it is usually a blend. When blends are created, the take the different grapes to bring a lovely balance to the wine. Therefore, even though this wine is dry, the notes of raspberry and strawberry still come through.
  • Zinfandel-
    • No, not white zinfandel from a box (that does makes great sangria). This grape is perfect for a slightly sweeter-than-a-pinot-noir red wine. Look for a red blend wine that features this as the main grape and your will have a wine that is wonderful by itself or pairs with steak, chicken or fish. The perfect, easy, crowd-pleasing, paint and sip table wine in my opinion.

Paint and Sip Rosé Options:

One more color to add to the paint and sip party, and rosés are that interesting grouping of grapes because of their gorgeous hue. Most people still think of rosé as sweet, summery white zinfandel however, nothing could be further from the excitement this varietal provides these days.

  • Coteaux d’Aix en Provence-
    • If you’ve wanted to explore France, this wine from the Provence region is something different, but you may have not encountered it at your typical wine purchasing venue. It can provide a tasty trip to this beautiful destination without leaving the country. This dry rosé brings the blush wines into the 21st century with floral notes and hints of strawberry.
  • Rosé Sangria-
    • I will go ahead and mention my favorite brand of this varietal because of why this is specifically my favorite. Sangrias are a sweet blend of grapes and fruit juices, but Lolea No.5 sangria incorporates hibiscus flowers and ginger to make a sophisticated (and did I mention sparkling) old world sangria.
  • Canned Rosé-
    • Excuse me? Wine in a can? Yes! This is my favorite- House Wine Rosé Bubbles. This can wine craze is wonderful, convenient for events where you can BYOB but glass is not a good option. The flavor of this wine is not overly sweet or dry and the bubbles are refreshing and exciting.

There are many good ways to serve wine, but there are a few things to remember:


  • Temperatures for wine- White/Rosé: 45-49 degrees Reds: 60-70 degrees

Sip back, paint and enjoy your event!

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