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20 of the Best Baby Shower Games

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It comes around, no matter the season. Baby showers are happening all year long, and there is always a need for entertainment at your gathering. Baby shower games are one of those things I love to hate. They can be fun, or they can stressful, and in this post, I want to share some great baby shower games in addition to giving you food for thought as you approach the party.

don't say baby pin game for shower

Consider Your Guests :

When you think about games for your party, consider the guests and how the type of game you plan to play, might make them feel. For example:

I can remember that I used to hate one particular game that involved clothesline pins and not being able to say “baby” the entire shower. If you said “baby” and you were caught, you had to give up your pin to the person who heard you saying it and calls you out. The person with the most pins wins.

This game was a distraction for the whole shower because I was afraid to talk for fear of getting attacked by the group. To me, it seemed actually to shut down socializing.

So as you read through the list of suggestions, consider picking baby shower games that encourage socializing instead of penalizing people for saying certain words.

Baby Shower Game Ideas

When you are planning games for the shower, make sure you take into account how much room you will have to play the games. I choose the games based on if it is co-ed (both men and women), just the ladies, or if children will be in attendance. Since the different games lend themselves to specific demographics, you will want to choose based on that. 

1. Write the baby a note game on the front of the diaper

write fun messages on diapers

Late-night diaper changes will be tiresome for the new parents. Have everyone write a funny quip, a note of encouragement, or a decoration addition to the nighttime diapers. This way, when mom or dad is at their exhaustion limit, at least they can look down and have a laugh or pat on the back.  

2. Baby Food Guessing Game

guess the baby food blindfolded

This game is easy and fun to play. I think it is a good game for all ages and genders. You need 3-4 flavors of baby food and several blindfolds. Participants are fed a spoon of each flavor and have to figure out the flavor of the jar they are tasting.

If you want to make it a little harder, you can pick jars that have several different ingredients to figure out.

3. What’s in the diaper bag?

friends celebrating a baby shower

Grab a large bag and put baby objects inside. Make sure they are everyday objects (i.e., a bib, a pacifier, a raddle).  Your attendees will feel around the bags without being able to see inside.

They will guess what they are touching and write it down. Whoever guesses the most items will win. 

4. How many (blue or pink things) in the bottle?

Of course, you can choose the item that you feel fits the theme of your shower, but in this example, I will suggest it for a girl baby shower. Take a large baby bottle and fill it with pink candies.

Encourage guests to write down their estimate number of candies with their names. Once everyone has participated, see who guessed the closest to the number of candies in the bottle.  

5. Blindfold Diaper Changing

change a diaper blindfolded game

Pick up 2-3 baby-sized stuffed animals or dolls for this game. Participants go head-to-head to see who can fully diaper the toy while being unable to see. The person who has the best time with the most accurate diapering skills will be the winner. 

6. Hidden Pacifiers 

Babies are ninjas when it comes to the places you will find pacifiers. These quick-quieters find their way into the most random locations throughout early childhood.

Pick up at least ten pacifiers and place them around the party space. As people find them, keep a tally. Whoever finds the most by the end of the event wins. 

7. Place the baby on the bump

Similar to “pin the tail on the donkey,” you will want to acquire a large blown-up photograph of the mommy-to-be.  Try Office Max poster printing services. You will also need cut-outs of babies.

While they are blindfolded, spin the participants a few times and have them try and place the baby as accurately as possible onto the mother’s belly.

8. Bobbing for Nipples

Bottle nipples are rubbery and float easily on the water. Place several nipples into a large basin filled deeper than the height of the nipples. People will have the opportunity to try to grab them using only their mouths. 

9. Guess the Measurement

Mommy-to-be will be getting close to popping at this point. Measure the baby bump using a fitting measuring tape. Have your guests secretly write down how many inches they think the baby bump is from side hip to side hip. The participant that is closest to mommy’s actual size will win.

10. Bottle Chug

The bottle chug game is, of course, a favorite among the men-folk. You can fill baby bottles with the preferred liquid of participants. The rules are simple. See who can chug down a baby bottle’s worth of liquid quickly.

However, most forget that bottles are way different than cans or pint glasses. The suction-nature of the bottles will make it difficult for the inexperienced. There will be much laughing at this baby shower game.

11. Make a Baby Name

Take a Scrabble board and place the letters in a bag. In the middle of the board, start with the name of the mom (if it is a girl) or the dad (if it is a boy). From that point, everyone is encouraged to try to create a baby name.

They do not have to be gender-specific. As the letters start to dwindle, the creation of names will become more comical. 

12. Nursery Rhymes Mad Libs

“Hickory, Dickory, Dock, the [animal] ran up the [noun]…” If you have no experience with a mad lib, here is how this works. People give nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and other literary devices.

These will then be fed into the corresponding blanks of a famous nursery rhyme and read aloud. 

13. Tinkle Race

The idea behind a tinkle race is that once your baby bump has reached a certain size, it makes doing normal things very difficult. Blow up balloons or beach balls to a size equivalent of a pregnancy belly.

Have guests place under their shirts. You will need several mason or wide-mouth jars. The guests will have to hold a quarter or similarly sized item in between their legs at the knees. They must race across the room and try to get the quarter into the jar.

14. Rattle Pass Hot Potato

Have all of your guests stand or sit in a circle. You will need to get a rattle that has a looped handle. You will also need long popsicle sticks or the like. Guests will have to pass the rattle using only the popsicle sticks.

Play music and stop it at random intervals. Whoever has the rattle when the music stops will have to leave the game circle. If you want to make it harder, the guests can also pass by holding the stick in their mouths only.

15. Baby Memes

If you would like modern baby shower games, then maybe a meme contest is best for your group. Find photos of babies making weird faces or in funny situations. Have people come up with tags and quips for the photo. (example: PHOTO- a baby in a firetruck MEME- 3 am diaper run)  Here’s a Quora source for where to find the best memes. 

16. Baby Bjorn Toss

Guests strap into a baby carrier. You will need 5-10 little babydolls or stuffed animals (beanie baby style toys are great for this). 15-20 steps away, their partner has to toss the props into the carrier. The person with the carrier cannot use their hands to catch the dolls. Some may view this as an inappropriate baby shower game when you use babydolls, but it is a lot of fun.

17. Diaper Bag Toss

Like the baby-Bjorn toss, guests use a diaper bag. The catcher stands on a point. They can only step one foot off of the point at a time. Having to stay in one spot forces them to have to reach for the items.

The partner has items that regularly in diaper bags. They must get as many of the diaper bag items into the bag from 15-20 steps away. With either of the toss games, you can make it more difficult by adding a time frame to the game. 

Items In Diaper Bag Toss:

  • Pacifier
  • Bib
  • Bottle
  • Diaper
  • Wipes
  • Lotion
  • Powder
  • Baby Food
  • Spoon
  • Onesie
  • Socks

18. Left/Right Game with cupcake surprise

There are many stories that you can download online for the right/left game. The idea is that there is a gift that people pass around the circle. As the reader goes through the story, the guests move the gift to either the right or the left, as the story dictates. At the end of the story, the person holding the prize gets to be the winner.

The twist I like to make is by adding the “cupcake surprise” into it.

  • Everyone holds a cupcake.
  • In one of these cupcakes, there is a baby inside.
  • Whoever ends up with the one that has the baby inside is touted as the next mommy-to-be.

19. Diaper Raffle

Diaper raffles are valuable because newborn babies go through so many diapers. It is staggering the number of tiny tush-covers a parent changes in the first few weeks.

Buy encouraging the number of diapers brought to the gathering; you are setting your new parents up for success in those early days. Pick up a cute card set that fits your baby shower decoration and theme ideas.

Note: Have everyone fill out their addresses on envelopes at the raffle table or present drop-off table. Pre-addressing makes sending those Thank You cards a whole lot easier!

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20. Baby Shower Games- party packs

The most accessible party games are the ones that require a pen or pencil and a game card. Find a kit that is in your baby shower theme and make it simple to have fun. 

Baby Shower Games (New and Improved) – Ultimate Gender Neutral Kit | Contains 10 Classic Games Like Baby Bingo, Baby Shower Advice Cards, Emoji Game – 50 Sheets of Each | 25 Complimentary Pens



I hope you are excited to use the baby shower games at your next party! Have a fun and entertaining time with your friends and family.

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