21 Unique Halloween Party Themes

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I love to have a great party for the Halloween season. Every year we get together and plan out what type of ridiculous theme we’d like to have. Even if you are on a budget or want to refrain from decorating the whole house, you can still choose from a variety of unique Halloween party themes.

Some of these Halloween party themes are featured around a classic movie so consider screening the movie with a projector in the game room, back yard, garage or living room!

Decorate one (or more) of these areas to make your themed Halloween party a hit!

  • Front Porch
  • Entry Way
  • Kitchen/Food area
  • Back Porch

Halloween Party Themes:

1. BeetleJuice

Beetlejuice is a fun theme because of the bold striping pattern and luminous greens. Incorporate fun characters from this movie- like sand worms and shrunken heads. This iconic movie will delight your guests.

Rubie’s Beetlejuice Sign

2. Nightmare Before Christmas

Angry Jack with a pumpkin in his hand in the light of the full moon. The nightmare before christmas. Happy Halloween. Children’s hand-drawn illustration.

Create a fantastic table scape or doorway entry using this great halloween theme. White balloons can easily be transformed into Jack Skellington and a Zero the dog can be made out of an old sheet or table cloth. There are a lot of fun elements from this movie to be utilized in this theme!

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3. Harry Potter

Harry potter wax sealed shower invitations

Probably the most recognizable of the witches and wizards, Harry Potter is a bastion of ideas for halloween decorations. From floating keys and candles, to the enchanted buildings, to the colors of the individual houses, there is no shortage of great props for this inspired Halloween party theme. Throw your very own Harry Potter themed party!

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4. Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin

“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” has been around since the 60’s and was a classic childhood halloween movie. With simple to make decorations such as the “Welcome Great Pumpkin” sign and the endless list of characters to emulate, this could be your next fantastic halloween party theme!

Peanuts Gang in Costumes Halloween Decoration for Yard

5. Ernest Scared stupid

I used to watch the Ernest franchise movies religiously, but my favorite was definitely Ernest Scared Stupid. Create a fun Halloween theme around this kookie childhood movie.  Consider showing the movie outside with a projector!

Ernest Scared Stupid

6. Disney Villians Halloween Party Theme

Disney has all kinds of great villains that you could theme your party around. You could go general or you could go specific. Here’s a list of Disney Villians to reference for ideas.

7. Egyptian

An Egyptian theme gives you a chance to break out all kinds of fun elements like gold table cloths, cat statues, and palm leaves. Make your own hieroglyphics to decorate the walls using a roll of brown paper or pick up already made hieroglyphic sticker paper.

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8. Vampire

Halloween cocktail with bloody rim on the dark background

Vampires are quintessentially halloween. Our love of the undead creatures spans decades and genres. Wooden stakes, strings of garlic cloves would make a perfect centerpiece for you to ward off the blood-seeking beings. You can create a delightfully themed area with easily found items from 9 Thrifty Party Shop Places Most People Forget About.

You could also go with a classic pop culture theme with Vampires including:

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Twilight

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9. Werewolf

Who doesn’t love a cute and cuddly puppy dog? Oh wait… not for this Halloween party theme. Maybe a werewolf kennel would be a funny twist on this scary monster. Create a spooky and spectacular party with werewolves of all shapes and sizes. Add in some cool full moon details and maybe some fun silver bullet cutouts.

10. Frankenstein’s Monster

“He’s ALIVE!, ALIIIIIIIIIIVE!”. Lightning bolts and thunderstorms effects are perfect for this Halloween theme. Create a table reminiscent of the operating laboratory. Wooden table with straps and some faux body parts would really excite your friends.

Frankenstein Head Spooky Birthday party Balloons Decorations Supplies Halloween

11. Mummy

Picture a mummy from any horror movie or show. The products needed to create a mummy are super inexpensive and if done correctly, you could even reuse all that toilet paper after the party! LOL

Jointed Mummy Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)

12. Edgar Allan Poe

Probably one of the best writers to create a chilling, melancholy disposition upon reading his words. The Raven, The Masque of the Red Death, The Pit and the Pendulum, any of these can be spring boards for a fantastic Edgar Allen Poe themed display. The literary genius makes it way into our own homes for a night of frightful delight.

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13. Horror Movie

There are plenty of people who enjoy the gruesome nature of the Saw films or Texas Chainsaw Massacre style movies. You can utilize some classic horror movie elements from these in different ways around your themed area. The bloody plastic sheets that separate doorways or the endless amount of creepy dolls with send shivers up the spines of your party guests.

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14. Graveyard

Classic graveyard will of course be on our list. From food to decorations, this theme is used in thousands of halloween tutorials and recipes. You can create one that is perfectly reflective of your personality and style. Not to mention, with the accessibility of props, it is easy to decorate any area in your party location.

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15. Classic Pumpkin

Yes, classic pumpkin may not be the most revolutionary idea to hit the decorations list, but it definitely has its merit. There are great table-scapes and front porch ideas that include endless layers of pumpkins. The nice part of this theme is that it can be carried through 2 months (3 if you start decorating in September, like me!). This is the most “cost effective for the time used” decoration if you are trying to get the biggest bang for your buck!

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16. Pun Costume Party

I think this is probably my favorite theme. Request your guests dress up for this to work even better. Create food and beverages themed around your favorite puns. Examples of this idea:

  • Walker Texas Ranger- A cowboy with a geriatric walker
  • Jäger bomb(er)- A person with Jägermeister and Red Bull strapped to their body
  • Cat’s Pajamas- dress like a cat and also wear pajamas

17. Witch Theme

Break out the eye of newt and cauldrons for this cute theme. I like the idea of having a “Valet Parking” area for broomsticks, a cloak check, and a wand target range for this funny theme. I also enjoy the “watch for falling houses” signs and other with puns that have become so easily acquired over the years. Check your favorite halloween store for these funny decor options.

Forum Novelties Warning Sign Witch Parking Halloween Party Decorations

18. Mad Scientist

Beakers and burners with crazy tubing and fun liquids with create a great halloween theme. Utilize dry ice for the smoky effects coming from the liquids. Go to the thrift store to find weirdly shaped vases and glasses to make this look complete.

Glass Erlenmeyer Flask Set – 3 Sizes – 50, 150 and 250ml, Karter Scientific 214U2

19. Apothecary

The apothecary look is one of my favorites for regular decorations anyway. I love the old amber bottles with decrepit labels and spiderwebs. Dried flowers, jars of healing herbs and animal parts with a medicinal spell book can really look spectacular when done correctly. Add in a few skeletal remains and astrological pieces to inspire this theme.

spooky costume party ideas for the mantel
costume party apothecary decorations

Two’s Company Botany Apothecary Jars with Antiqued Labels, Set of 9

20. Fire Pit Party

Sometimes you just want nature to be your inspiration. My husband and I love our fire pit and we use it year round. The early evenings make for the perfect time of year to utilize this tool. You can even make dueling fire pits if you plan on having more than 10 guests around the fire. Check out my whole post on how to throw a fire pit party. 

21. Walking Dead or Zombie Halloween Party Themes

This would be a fun idea because guests can dress up like their favorite characters from the show!  In addition to zombie costumes, you can find lots of great party decorations for these.

Put chains on doors with static clings like in the image below.   Have lots of plastic weaponry around.  If you want to go all out, have a nerf gun war with people vs. zombie guests.

Halloween is a great time of year to throw a fantastic party. Pick a theme that you love and I guarantee your guests will as well! Happy Halloween!

22. Great Gatsby

Want to take it back to the 20’s for a roaring good party?  Throw a Great Gatsby party with speakeasy feel.   From secret entrances to old school cocktails, this is sure to delight your guests!

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21 Super Unique Halloween Party Themes
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