Little Man Baby Shower Planning Guide

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What is it about a mustache that we find to be so alluring? I cannot walk through a store without seeing a cute pun or tchotchke that is decorated with this classic symbol of manhood.  These little mustaches and bowties make an epically cute little man baby shower theme! 

In this post, I’ll walk you through my best tips for creating a great shower for a friend or family member!  

cute baby little man with mustache


Why do I love a paper invitation? Why is paper optimal when it comes to hosting a party?

  • Paper invitations are better because people will usually put these on their fridge.
  • When they place it in a prominent position like this, they are far more likely to remember than with a digital version.
  • When the invitation has a cute design or funny quip, they will be more likely to view it and commit to it.
  • Themed elements will provide ideas of what to expect at the party and give a sense of what will be happening. 


Dashing Little Man Mustache Party – Shaped Fill-in Invitations – Baby Shower or Birthday Party Invitation Cards with Envelopes – Set of 12


blue and green cupcake liners with mustaches for little man baby shower

Decide on the areas you are going to decorate for the event. I will host parties at my house regularly if I have under 20 people. I have enough room between the kitchen and the living room for people to gather comfortably.

If you plan on having a more massive crowd or do not have space, there are 14 baby shower venues you should look into! When I decorate my house for a party, these are the areas that I will enhance:

  • Mailbox- this helps with people finding the location since I live in the sticks
  • Front Door/ Entryway- the weather is always the determining factor for those to be indoor or outdoor decorations
  • Fireplace mantle- this is the focal point of my house layout
  • Food Tables- this is the first place that I spend money on decorations


I will utilize bunting for every party I host, and I even use it to decorate my children’s rooms. I have an easy no-sew bunting template that allows me to whip one up in a jiffy. Being that you can make one of these buntings with fabric or paper, you can find all sorts of materials that will fit colors and themes.

Sometimes, you just want to get one already made. If that is where you are, then this is my favorite. This set not only has the adorable bunting, but it has a few extra goodies to add to the decor. You can use the table-toppers as photo props with a little man baby shower backdrop!

Big Dot of Happiness Dashing Little Man Baby Shower Decoration Kit Mustache Party – Baby Shower or Birthday Party Supplies – Banner Decoration Kit – Fundle Bundle


You can’t have fun without helium! OK, you probably can, but I think balloons are one of the essential decorations at a party. They are inherently festive. By adding balloons to the event, you are reminding people of the lightness and happiness of the celebration. Plus, they give everything height in the design. I use balloons in all sorts of places:

Here’s a video on how to make a table balloon arch: 


  • Mailbox
    • they signify the location 
    • weather resilient
  • The front entryway can be framed 
  • On tables for guests and food
  • Great for awkward corners or small nooks
  • Balloon arches create an impactful display on the cheap

DASHING LITTLE MAN MUSTACHE BABY SHOWER BIRTHDAY Balloons Decorations Supplies….12 pieces! by Anagram

Table Wares

I said that the food tables are the first place to start when decorating for an event. If you have a small budget for decorations, this will make the most significant impact on the theme.

Sometimes you can find these already in a bundle of all themed elements. If I am unable to find them bundled, I may go to one of the 9 Thrifty Party Shop Places Most People Forget About. I start with the core table decoration items:

  • Table cloth in theme or color scheme
  • Large food plates (take the number of RSVPs and increase by 25%)
  • Dessert plates (same formula)
  • Napkins 
  • Dessert decorations- wrappers or toppers
  • Centerpiece or the like

These are the items that I will buy “on theme.” If you have a little extra to spare, then you should consider these other extras:

  • Themed Cups
  • Decorative straws
  • Table confetti
  • Cupcake holding tier
  • Fun cutlery

Big Dot of Happiness Dashing Little Man Mustache – Baby Shower or Birthday Party Tableware Plates, Napkins – Bundle for 16
Dashing Little Man Mustache Party – Cupcake Decoration – Baby Shower or Birthday Party Cupcake Wrappers and Treat Picks Kit – Set of 24

Little Man Baby Shower Food Ideas

mustache and bowtie cookies for little man baby shower

With the importance of the table being thematic, you should consider the food elements that will make the most significant impact as well. I enjoy getting a few baked goods that are small yet, inspired.

Talk to a local bakery and see what cute items they can whip up for the event. Even if it isn’t something they regularly carry, if they are passionate about their desserts, they will want to give it a shot. 

Dashing Little Man Dessert

blue rice crispy treat stars for little man baby shower

Create a cute tray of these delicious blue rice crispy stars for your dashing little man. They are an inexpensive option that makes quite the statement. Here is my favorite recipe for rice crispy treats. 


  • Three tablespoons butter (unsalted)
  • 10 oz. of marshmallows
  • Blue food coloring
  • 6 cups crisped rice cereal


1. Melt butter over low heat in a large saucepan.

2. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted.

3. Once you remove from heat, tint the mixture with blue food coloring.

4. Add cereal, fold until it is thoroughly mixed.

5. In a large baking dish (13″ recommended), coat with butter or put a sheet of wax paper inside.

6. Once solidified, place onto a cutting board.

7. Use a star cookie cutter and cut out shapes.

8. Sucker sticks or popsicle sticks can be used as a handle if desired.

Other Little Man Baby Shower Food Ideas: 

Baby Shower Games

bowtie for little man baby shower game


The Bow Tie Game

Everyone loves a man in a bowtie, but does anyone know how to properly tie one? In this game, two participants will see who can tie a bow tie the best and quickest. The winner will be chosen by the group. I had no idea how to tie a bowtie until I watched this video.


When it comes to the best baby shower games, I prefer to play games that enhance socialization. An easy and simple way to include everyone is with baby shower card games.

These games can be performed when sitting with just a pen and a card. The games are easy and help with any social anxiety anyone feels at large gatherings.  

Dashing Little Man Mustache Party – Picture Bingo Cards and Markers – Baby Shower Shaped Bingo Game – Set of 18


I mustache you a question…

In this game, everyone is given a mustache to wear. You must ask the participants a question that they think would be the mommy or daddy’s favorite thing (i.e. car, food, vacation).

They will answer if they think the favorite thing is the mom or the dad’s choice. If they get it wrong they lose their mustache. The last person with a mustache wins.

48PCS Novelty Fake Mustaches,Self Adhesive Mustache for Masquerade Party and Performance,Halloween(Black and Multicolor)


Little Man Baby Shower Gifts

cupcake for little man baby shower

Choosing a gift for the baby shower can be a real treat. Registries are usually reasonably practical. I always like to get the mommy-to-be something a little cute and quirky.

A gift like the “first-year blanket” is excellent for photographing the crazy growing process that happens in the first year. I enjoy these thematic stickers that you can get. Peel and stick to any outfit. 

Dashing Little Man Mustache – Baby Boy Monthly Sticker Set – Baby Shower Gift Ideas – 12 Piece

Diaper Raffle

I cannot express the importance of a diaper raffle enough. Most newborn babies can go through 70 diapers in ten days. A diaper raffle will help all the mothers and fathers get there tables stocked up before the whirlwind of sleepless nights. 

Pick a prize for your guests that will encourage the game. I like these little man baby shower diaper shaped tickets. They are perfectly suited to this great theme!

Big Dot of Happiness Dashing Little Man Mustache Party – Diaper Shaped Raffle Ticket Inserts – Baby Shower Activities – Diaper Raffle Game – Set of 24

Book Raffle

Pack the nursery shelves with books of childhood. I love grabbing a few small Dr. Seuss books to add to my gifting trove. There is a great list of the best children’s books that goes from classic to current. I always am interested to see what the new ones are and discover an old favorite.

I hope you have found these little man baby shower ideas helpful for your next party. Enjoy celebrating the creation of life and welcoming a new bundle of joy into our world. 

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